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module handlers
use iso_c_binding
use gtk_hl
use gtk, only: gtk_button_new, gtk_container_add, gtk_label_new, gtk_main, gtk_&
&main_quit, gtk_notebook_new, gtk_table_attach, gtk_table_new, gtk_widget_destr&
&oy, gtk_widget_show, gtk_widget_show_all, gtk_window_new, gtk_init
implicit none
type(c_ptr) :: win, base, nbook, qbut, table
subroutine my_destroy(widget, gdata) bind(c)
type(c_ptr), value :: widget, gdata
print *, "Exit called"
call gtk_widget_destroy(win)
call gtk_main_quit ()
end subroutine my_destroy
subroutine bpress(widget, gdata) bind(c)
type(c_ptr), value :: widget, gdata
integer(kind=c_int), pointer :: fdata
call c_f_pointer(gdata, fdata)
print *, "Pressed button ", fdata
end subroutine bpress
subroutine add_row(widget, gdata) bind(c)
type(c_ptr), value :: widget, gdata
call hl_gtk_table_expand(table, ny=1)
end subroutine add_row
subroutine add_col(widget, gdata) bind(c)
type(c_ptr), value :: widget, gdata
call hl_gtk_table_expand(table, nx=1)
end subroutine add_col
end module handlers
program containers
! Containers
! Test/demo of tables & notebooks.
use handlers
implicit none
integer(kind=c_int) :: ipos
type(c_ptr) :: junk, jb
integer :: i
integer(kind=c_int), dimension(6), target :: bval = (/ (i, i = 1,6) /)
character(len=15) :: ltext
! Initialize GTK+
call gtk_init()
! Create a window that will hold the widget system
win=hl_gtk_window_new('Table/notebook'//c_null_char, destroy=c_funloc(my_destroy))
! Now make a column box & put it into the window
base = hl_gtk_box_new()
call gtk_container_add(win, base)
! Make a notebook container
nbook = hl_gtk_notebook_new()
call hl_gtk_box_pack(base, nbook)
! First page is a 3x6 table
table=hl_gtk_table_new(6, 3, homogeneous=TRUE)
ipos = hl_gtk_notebook_add_page(nbook, table, label="Example table"//c_null_char)
do i = 1, 6
write(ltext, "('Table row',I2)") i
junk = gtk_label_new(trim(ltext)//c_null_char)
call hl_gtk_table_attach(table, junk, 0, i-1, xspan=2)
junk = hl_gtk_button_new("Press"//c_null_char, clicked=c_funloc(bpress), &
& data = c_loc(bval(i)))
call hl_gtk_table_attach(table, junk, 2, i-1)
end do
! Then 4 relocatable dummy pages
do i = 1,4
write(ltext, "('Dummy page',I2)") i+1
junk = gtk_label_new(trim(ltext)//c_null_char)
ipos = hl_gtk_notebook_add_page(nbook, junk, label=trim(ltext)//c_null_char, &
& reorderable=TRUE)
end do
! Add rows / columns
jb = hl_gtk_box_new(horizontal=TRUE)
junk = hl_gtk_button_new("Add Row"//c_null_char, clicked=c_funloc(add_row))
call hl_gtk_box_pack(jb, junk)
junk = hl_gtk_button_new("Add col"//c_null_char, clicked=c_funloc(add_col))
call hl_gtk_box_pack(jb, junk)
call hl_gtk_box_pack(base, jb, expand=FALSE)
! And a quit button
junk = hl_gtk_button_new("Quit"//c_null_char, clicked=c_funloc(my_destroy))
call hl_gtk_box_pack(base, junk, expand=FALSE)
! realize the window
call gtk_widget_show_all(win)
! Event loop
call gtk_main()
end program containers
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