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IRC bot that responds to selected phrases with a quotation from a notable woman (defaults to answering "that's what she said" jokes)
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Are you tired of "That's what she said" jokes? Then this bot is for you! It will join a specified channel and respond to the configured trigger phrases with what she really said, i.e. a quotation from a notable woman. It will also respond to any direct message with a quotation.

Many quotes taken from this excellent resource:


Activate virtualenv

workon talkbackbot

Copy to and edit as desired


Note: QUOTES_FILE should have one quotation per line. QUOTES_URL must point to a JSON API that provides data in the following format:

{"results": [{"author": "Corazon Aquino", "text": "The media's power is frail."}]}

Run the bot

twistd twsrs

Stop the bot

kill `cat`


Fork the project on github and git clone your fork, e.g.:

git clone<username>/talkbackbot.git

Create a virtualenv and install dependencies:

mkvirtualenv talkbackbot
pip install -r requirements/development.txt

Run tests and view coverage:

coverage run -m nose
coverage report

Check code style:

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