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Resume as a Service (RaaS)

This is a single page resume website optimized for DevOps Engineers™

This serves as a great project to get started with some common technologies for the field. I'll go over the entire stack with you below.

A demo lives here.

Setting up your own RaaS

Under Construction

  • Modify the .env file for your own metadata.
  • Make sure you copy whatever image you want to use as your profile photo into the public directory.
  • Make sure you have npm installed.
  • To test locally: npm ci && npm start
  • If you want CI/CD to work, you'll need to modify the circleci file here to have your own docker username :)

For help developing and testing

Shameless call for code friends: Tired of never having anything to point to outside of your closed source projects for other companies? Why not contribute and play with my project! :D

Together, we'll have the cheapest, fastest, most scalable, and highly available resumes, and we will get all the jobs!

(I actually already have a job, but I like this project.)

See the in the k8s_minimum directory for getting this up and running on Kubernetes! :)


  • Fix vertical centering on desktop

Under the Hood


  • React
  • Bootstrap


  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • node.js


  • Circleci

And special thanks to...

  • The Open Source Community <3