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Resume as a Service (RaaS)

This is a single page resume website optimized for DevOps Engineers™

It includes the ability to modify:

  • Profile Photo
  • Name and pronouns
  • Small blurb about yourself
  • GitHub profile link
  • LinkedIn profile link
  • PDF download of your CV from an external link (such as Google Docs)

This serves as a great project to get started with some common technologies for the field. I'll go over the entire stack with you below.

A demo lives here.

Setting up your own RaaS

  • Modify the .env file for your own metadata.
  • Make sure you copy whatever image you want to use as your profile photo into the public directory.
  • Make sure you have npm installed following the guide here.
  • To test locally with a prod build:
    npm ci
    npm run build
    npm start
  • Then go to http://localhost:5000 in a browser.
  • Once you're happy, proceed to EITHER the CircleCI or GitHub Actions setup. These will get your Docker image pushed to DockerHub by default. Both are free for a limited number of builds per month :)

GitHub Actions Setup

Currently this just builds your Dockerfile, and then pushes to a DockerHub repo called resume-as-a-service for your DockerHub user. It assumes you're already using git tags to tag your pushes, and pushes those upstream as well.

  • The configuration file is already present in .github/workflows/build.yml for you to modify.
  • Set up your GitHub Repository Secrets in Settings > Secrets. You'll need the following:
    • DOCKER_USERNAME (docker registry username)
    • DOCKER_PASSWORD (docker registry password)

CircleCI Setup

This will just push to DockerHub using the latest tag. Not maintaining this section as often.

  • You'll need to modify the CircleCI file (circleci/.circleci/config.yml) to have your own docker info :)
  • Run the following: mv circleci/.circleci/config.yml .circleci/config.yml
  • Set up your project, at CircleCI - you'll need to connect your GitHub
  • Make sure the following environmental variables are set up in your Project Settings:
    • DOCKER_LOGIN (docker registry username)
    • DOCKER_PASSWORD (docker registry password)
  • Should be able to do a commit and it kicks off a push to your docker repo :D

Coming Soon

  • Better Accessibility - currently only alt text is provided for the profile image, and we can certainly do better for people who use screen readers!
  • Color pickers - currently we only support dark tones with blue accents
  • Complete walkthrough on deploying this to:
    • K8s
      • See the in the k8s_minimum directory for the beginnings of getting this up and running on Kubernetes! :)
    • AWS ECS/Fargate
    • Additional App Platforms, such as Digital Ocean's App Platform
  • Better spacing depending on different mediums. Currently only optimized for mobile and smaller screens. Need to test on 24+ inch 4k monitors.

Shameless call for code friends

Tired of never having anything to point to outside of your closed source projects for other companies? Why not contribute and play with my project! :D

Together, we'll have the cheapest, fastest, most scalable, and highly available resumes, and we will get all the jobs!

(I actually already have a job, but I like this project.)

Under the Hood



  • Docker - A slim version of the default node.js image
  • node.js


And special thanks to...

  • The Open Source Community <3