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PopART: Population Analysis with Reticulate Trees

General purpose population genetics software developed thanks to funding from the Allan Wilson Centre Imaging Evolution Initiative.

Some documentation is available from

Comments and questions should be directed to Jessica Leigh:

PopART is provided with no promise of support. It was developed while I was a postdoc, and I currently have very little time for maintenance, let alone support. Pull requests are welcome, though!


PopART can be built on most (if not all) up-to-date Linux systems. Requirements:

  1. Qt5:
  2. Marble:
  3. lp_solve:

You'll need development headers for all three. On Ubuntu (tested on 18.04) this means running: apt-get install libmarble-dev libqt5-dev liblpsolve55-dev

Then you should be able to run: qmake && make

On distributions other than Ubuntu, you might need to edit (the qmake configuration file).

Prebuilt binaries

Outdated binaries are available from

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