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Udacity's Machine Learning Nanodegree project files and notes.

This repository contains project files and lecture notes for Udacity's Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree program which I started working on in September 2016.

The Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree is an online certification. It involves

  1. Courses in supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning and
  2. Six projects (p0-p5 in this directory).

Courses include lecture videos, quizzes and programming problems. These courses were developed by Georgia Tech, Udacity, Google and Kaggle.

This directory includes lecture notes (lesson_notes) and project code (p0 to p5).

See also: My notes for Udacity's Data Analyst Nanodegree.

Program Outline:

  1. Exploratory Project: Titanic Survival Exploration
  1. Model Evaluation and Validation
    • Project 1: Predicting Boston Housing Prices
  2. Supervised Learning
    • Project 2: Building a Student Intervention System (Predicting whether or not students will fail so schools can intervene to help them graduate)
  3. Unsupervised Learning
    • Project 3: Creating Customer Segments (Segmenting customers based on spending in different categories)
  4. Reinforcement Learning
    • Project 4: Train a Smartcab to Drive (Implement Q-learning algorithm)
  5. Machine Learning Specialisation of Choice


Udacity's Machine Learning Nanodegree project files and notes.



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