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simple and clean open source pastebin built on the sinatra microframework

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Pastebin forked from zapnap to play with Sinatra. Live Demo:


  • Optionally limited snippet retention
  • Randomly generated ids (36^4 possibilities)
  • Option to post private (unlisted) snippets
  • Announcing of new snippets to an IRC bot (4poc)
  • Include ultraviolet styles, switchable (4poc)
  • Change password in config, then delete snippets from the cli with

    curl -u <user>:<password> -X DELETE http://<domain>.<tld>/<snippetid>


  • git clone
  • cd toopaste
  • git submodule update --init
  • cd vendor/bootstrap-sass
  • git checkout 2.0
  • examine and trust .rvmrc (if you're not using rvm: get it)
  • gem install bundler
  • bundle install
  • cp toopaste.config.sample.rb toopaste.config.rb and edit it to your liking
  • run with ruby toopaste.rb

Heroku Deployment:

  • add dm-postgres-adapter to Gemfile and toopaste.rb
  • don't forget to add the config to the repository


  • tags
  • line wrapping?
  • spam protection
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