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@github-actions github-actions released this 28 Aug 12:18
· 77 commits to main since this release

27.0.0 (2022-08-28)

Bug Fixes

  • unbound-method: don't suppress errors from base rule (#1219) (7c1389e)


  • drop support for eslint@6 (#1212) (21fc2fe)
  • drop support for Node versions 12 and 17 (#1211) (4c987f5)
  • make no-alias-methods recommended (#1221) (914b24a)
  • no-jest-import: remove rule (#1220) (918873b)
  • no-restricted-matchers: match based on start of chain, requiring each permutation to be set (#1218) (f4dd97a)


  • no-alias-methods is now recommended as the methods themselves will be removed in the next major version of Jest
  • no-jest-import: removed no-jest-import rule
  • unbound-method: errors thrown by the unbound-method base rule are no longer suppressed - really this means that if you don't specify project when this rule is enabled and @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin is present, that error will no longer be suppressed instead of silently doing nothing; it will still not throw if this rule is enabled without the base rule being present
  • no-restricted-matchers: no-restricted-matchers now checks against the start of the expect chain, meaning you have to explicitly list each possible matcher & modifier permutations that you want to restrict
  • Support for ESLint version 6 is removed
  • Node versions 12 and 17 are no longer supported