Implementation of Lenovo ThinkPad HDD password algorithm
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Implementation of Lenovo ThinkPad HDD password algorithm

This repository contains an implementation of the Lenovo ThinkPad HDD encryption password hashing algorithm. This can be useful to unlock your drive on another computer when your laptop fails.


You'll need to save the ATA IDENTIFY block for the relevant hard drive (sda in this case):

sudo hdparm --Istdout /dev/sda > sda.ata_identify

Enter the password and store the password hash in environment variable P:

P="$(ruby pw.rb sda.ata_identify)"

The script will print an error message if there's something wrong with the input or output.

Next, use the password for one of the security commands of hdparm, e.g.:

sudo hdparm --security-unlock "$P" /dev/sda

To scan the partitions of this drive now that it is unlocked and ready for use, run:

sudo partprobe /dev/sda

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