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1 parent 52a72e2 commit 0435a51fa7194f12968952587b1db873f6d41567 @jettero committed Jun 26, 2009
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@@ -5,12 +5,12 @@
<note priority="medium" time="1216934250" done="1217006961">
this needs documentation
- <note priority="veryhigh" time="1245964357">
+ <note priority="veryhigh" time="1245964357" done="1246015645">
use the and to test thing without even requiring root
- <note priority="veryhigh" time="1245980471">
+ <note priority="veryhigh" time="1245980471" done="0">
I got, but I still have to test and ....
- <note priority="veryhigh" time="1245980497">
+ <note priority="veryhigh" time="1245980497" done="0">
... I should probably test a lot of the shit from the &lt; t/31 tests that needs root

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