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Experiments in running SproutCore on iOS with JavaScriptCore without a WebView
JavaScript C Objective-C
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This is a proof of concept. It shows how to use the SproutCore JavaScript library headless (without a UIWebView) on iOS, running directly in JavaScriptCore (thanks to Dominic Szablewski for sharing

It loads up a JSC context, fakes enough of the browser and the DOM for jQuery and SproutCore to load (thanks to code from JSDOM) and then creates a JS Array of objects and a UITableView. The table views gets filled with that JS data by first creating an instance of a SC.Object subclass ("Person") for each entry and then using a Handlebars template to compile the final string.

This is very early, but the possibilities are very cool. Especially when implementing JS objects and functions in JSC that call back to native ObjC code (which is not hard to do). Play around with it and let me know what you think.

Johannes Fahrenkrug (

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