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@@ -61,34 +61,61 @@ ecstatic({ root: __dirname + '/public', handleError: false })
Pass ecstatic an options hash, and it will return your middleware!
+var opts = {
+ root : __dirname + '/public',
+ baseDir : '/',
+ cache : 3600,
+ showDir : false,
+ autoIndex : false,
+ defaultExt : 'html',
+ gzip : false
+ }
+### `opts.root`
`opts.root` is the directory you want to serve up.
+### `opts.baseDir`
`opts.baseDir` is `/` by default, but can be changed to allow your static files
to be served off a specific route. For example, if `opts.baseDir === "blog"`
and `opts.root = "./public"`, requests for `localhost:8080/blog/index.html` will
resolve to `./public/index.html`.
+### `opts.cache`
Customize cache control with `opts.cache`, in seconds. Time defaults to 3600 s
(ie, 1 hour).
-Turn **on** directory listings with `opts.showDir === true`. Turn **on**
-autoIndexing with `opts.autoIndex === true`. Defaults to **false**.
+### `opts.showDir`
+Turn **on** directory listings with `opts.showDir === true`.
+### `opts.autoIndex`
+Turn **on** autoIndexing with `opts.autoIndex === true`. Defaults to **false**.
+### `opts.defaultExt`
Turn on default file extensions with `opts.defaultExt`. If `opts.defaultExt` is
true, it will default to `html`. For example if you want a request to `/a-file`
to resolve to `./public/a-file.html`, set this to `true`. If you want
`/a-file` to resolve to `./public/a-file.json` instead, set `opts.defaultExt` to
+### `opts.gzip`
Set `opts.gzip === true` in order to turn on "gzip mode," wherein ecstatic will
serve `./public/some-file.js.gz` in place of `./public/some-file.js` when the
gzipped version exists and ecstatic determines that the behavior is appropriate.
-### middleware(req, res, next);
+## middleware(req, res, next);
This works more or less as you'd expect.
-## ecstatic.showDir(folder);
+### ecstatic.showDir(folder);
This returns another middleware which will attempt to show a directory view. Turning on auto-indexing is roughly equivalent to adding this middleware after an ecstatic middleware with autoindexing disabled.

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