Selenium scripts for performance testing of Moodle sites
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Selenium scripts for performance testing of Moodle sites



You will need to modify the test scripts to use relevant ID numbers for your own system as well as valid usernames for the users logging in with each set of tests before these will work in other places.

  1. Copy the test_cachepurge.php and test_login.html files into the root of your Moodle site

  2. Edit the test_login.html file so that the action="/login/index.php" piece points to the login script on your Moodle site (assuming that /login/index.php doesn't already)

  3. Disable HTTP caching in your browser:

    1. Type about:config into the address bar
    2. Search for network.http.use-cache
    3. Double click the value to set it to false
  4. Open the Selenium IDE plugin Firefox and load the perftest.selenium.html as a test suite

  5. Edit the base URL in the Selenium IDE to point to the root of your Moodle site

  6. Edit the config.php file on your Moodle site to add the following lines somewhere before the require for setup.php:

    define('MDL_PERF', true);
    define('MDL_PERFTOLOG', true);
  7. (Optional) Empty / erase the error log file for the web server that is running your Moodle site

  8. Hit the Play entire test suite button

  9. When the test suite has finished running, you can run the included perf_log_analysis.php script on your web server's error log file to print out some formatted analysis output as well as a CSV file containing the raw data results which can be imported into any spreadsheet program for formatting and generating graphs.


See my original blog posts about performance testing Moodle: