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:paperclip: Using scanners and OCR to grep dead trees the easy way (Linux only)
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Signed-off-by: Jerome Flesch <>




Paperwork is a personal document manager for scanned documents (and PDFs).

It's designed to be easy and fast to use. The idea behind Paperwork is "scan & forget": You should be able to just scan a new document and forget about it until the day you need it again.

In other words, let the machine do most of the work for you.


Main Window & Scan

Search Suggestions


Settings window


Papers are organized into documents. Each document contains pages.

It uses mainly 4 other pieces of software:

  • Sane: To scan the pages
  • Tesseract: To extract the words from the pages (OCR)
  • GTK/Glade: For the user interface
  • Whoosh: To index and search documents, and provide keyword suggestions

Page orientation is automatically guessed using OCR.

Since OCR is not perfect, and since some documents don't contain useful keywords, Paperwork allows also to put labels on each document.


GPLv3 or later. See COPYING.



Github can automatically provides .tar.gz and .zip files if required. However, they are not required to install Paperwork. They are indicated here as a convenience for package maintainers.



All the information can be found on the wiki

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