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Fraise 3.7.2

Author: Jean-Francois Moy

Here we are, the fruit is mature. Fraise 3.7.2 has just been released. This version should be bug-free but refactoring from Smultron could have brought some bugs that I haven't noticed yet so please report any bug you will encounter. I also wait for any remarks concerning Fraise and I hope I will have your support as with Smultron 3.7.1. Please spread the word around you concerning this new release!

Now it is time to taste Fraise, I hope you will like it.

Important message:

I have removed every translations that have not been updated because notably they don't contain references to the new update system and other new features. If you want to translate Fraise in your language, please contact me (a big part of the application is already translated in multiple languages so it won't require a lot of time).


* [Announcement] Name changed for Fraise (to avoid confusion with Smultron, following a request of Peter Borg)
* [New Feature] New update system using Sparkle framework
* [Translation] French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish translations updated. (Italian coming)
* [Bug Solved] Doesn't switch to Fraise's space when opening a document in 
a different one.

* [New Feature] String search in all files contained in the parent directory of the current document.
* [New Feature] Duplicate Line
* [New Feature] Auto Update
* [Translation] Correction of the French translation of SMLMainMenu.xib
* [Bug correction] Correction of the pointing URL in the About window.

* [New Feature] Full 64 bits support (Snow Leopard)
* [New Feature] Import of all localizations


Fraise is a lightweight but powerful text editor for Mac OS X.






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