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Git Bridge extension for Burp Suite Pro

The Git Bridge plugin lets Burp users store Burp data and collaborate via git. Users can right-click supported items in Burp to send them to a git repo and use the Git Bridge tab to send items back to their respective Burp tools.

How to Use

Load the extension

Download and load the plugin via the "Extender" tab as usual. Note: This plugin is written in Python so you'll need follow the steps to setup Jython in Burp if you haven't already.

Git Bridge creates a git repo at ~/.burp_git_bridge.

Store Revisions Locally

Right click on an interesting Scanner or Repeater item and choose Send to Git Bridge

Share (or Create a Remote Backup of) Burp data

Open a shell, change directories to the Burp git bridge repo and git it.

$ cd ~/.burp_git_bridge
$ git remote add origin ssh://
$ git push -u origin master
$ git branch my_findings

PSA: Only interact with git servers you trust, especially when dealing with sensitive data.

Load Shared Burp data

Open a shell, change directories to the Burp git bridge repo and issue a pull.

$ cd ~/.burp_git_bridge
$ git pull

Back in Burp, flip to the "Git Bridge" tab and click "Reload"

Then send items to their respective tools

Burp away


This extension is a PoC. Right now only Repeater and Scanner are supported, and the code could use refactoring. If you're interested in a more polished version or more features let me know, or better yet consider sending me a pull request.

Thanks for checking it out.

Jonathan Foote