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SEG-Y Reading Library in C#

SEG-Y is a file format for seismic image data. It is also known as SEGY or SGY.

Issues and sample data welcome.


using System;
using Unplugged.Segy;
var reader = new SegyReader();
ISegyFile line = reader.Read(@"RMOTC Seismic data set\2D_Seismic\NormalizedMigrated_segy\lineA.sgy");
ITrace trace = line.Traces[0];
double mean = 0;
double max = double.MinValue;
double min = double.MaxValue;
foreach (var sampleValue in trace.Values)
    mean += sampleValue / trace.Values.Count;
    if (sampleValue < min) min = sampleValue;
    if (sampleValue > max) max = sampleValue;

Supported Sample Formats

  • IBM Floating Point 4 (Big Endian)
  • IEEE Floating Point 4 (Little Endian)
  • Two's Complement Integer 4 (Big and Little Endian)
  • Two's Complement Integer 2 (Big and Little Endian)
  • Two's Complement Integer 1

Current Known Limitations

  • Assumed to be built on Little Endian architecture
  • Sample Format not supported: Fixed Point With Gain 4
  • Extended Text Headers are not supported
  • Writing SEGY files is not supported

If you have example files of unsupported formats or feature requests, they would be appreciated! Please, send to


Example data is courtesy of the Rocky Mountian Oilfield Testing Center and the U.S. Department of Energy

Resources on the SEG-Y format: