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a cheap clone of dwarf fortress, with a unique-ish interface

The primary interface to botfort is the commandline. A simple RPN (FORTH-like) language allows you to control many bots in the world. These bots can perform various tasks, which you may designate -- also through the language.

The intent is for the aspiring player to learn a meta-language and issue commands to Botfort through it -- perhaps even writing a DSL which 'compiles' to the Botfort language.

rules (for development)

  • Each commit must run the rake command clean -- all passing. Starting at the v0.0.0 tag onward. (that is, all commits except this one must pass rake clean)

  • Each commit must add tests for new features

  • Only comment if something is confusing

  • Think like an object

  • It's "Red, Green, Refactor" -- not "Red, Green, I'll do it later"

  • Excepting the first, occasionally break the rules if it would be funny to do so.

obsolete rules

  • Each commit must represent the addition of exactly one feature with (at least) exactly one corresponding test.

Turns out this is pretty hard. When I started this experiment, it was easy to isolate the small chunks of functionality. However, as you start extracting concerns that operate on multiple levels (like Agent/Action) of the class heirarchy, it gets hard to only add a few tests at a time. Notably, some commits are refactoring commits, others only add tests, some only remove tests.

I also started committing pending tests in feature branches -- this was a descision not lightly made. In particular, I decided the rule should be "no pending tests in origin/master." Keeping unimplemented tests helps to direct my efforts to the final objective.