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Version 5.0.3, by David Gilbert, 22 June 2022.

(C)opyright 2013-2022, by David Gilbert. All rights reserved.

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JFreeSVG is a graphics library for the Java(tm) platform that allows you to generate content in SVG format using the standard Java2D drawing API (Graphics2D). JFreeSVG is light-weight, fast, and has no dependencies other than the Java runtime (11 or later).

Sample from JFreeChart

Getting Started

The Javadocs for the SVGGraphics2D class gives examples for typical usage, and if you are already familiar with the Java2D APIs, then all you need to do is add the JFreeSVG dependency and start coding.

Oracle provides tutorials for Java2D here:

There are some demonstration applications in the JFree-Demos project at GitHub.


JFreeSVG is published to the Central Repository. You can include it in your projects with the following dependency:


JFreeSVG is a modular library with the module name org.jfree.svg.

To use JFreeSVG with Java 8, you can use the following (note the different artifact ID):



You can build JFreeSVG from sources using Maven:

mvn clean verify

To generate the Javadocs:

mvn clean compile javadoc:javadoc


JFreeSVG is being tested using Graphics2D Tester and produces the output shown below. There are several areas that still need work:

  • the compositing rules in AlphaComposite are not implemented
  • font metrics are approximated



JFreeSVG is free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3) or later. The license file is included in this distribution (gpl-3.0.txt).

Please note that JFreeSVG is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even 
Please refer to the license for details.

If you prefer not to be bound by the terms of the GPLv3, you can obtain an alternative license by sponsoring the JFree project:

Change History

Version 5.0.3 (22 June 2022)

  • remove duplicate calls to getClipPathRef()
  • update Maven plugin dependencies

Version 5.0.2 (7 November 2021)

  • add support for TextAttribute.TRACKING
  • clarified Javadocs for SVGHints.KEY_BEGIN_GROUP

Version 5.0.1 (4 August 2021)

  • handle cycle methods for GradientPaint and RadialGradientPaint;
  • fix output for filled Ellipse2D.

Version 5.0 (12 June 2021)

  • replaced geometryDP and transformDP attributes with function references (#35);
  • fixed issue with RyuDouble (#39);
  • changed SVG width and height attributes from int to double (#37);
  • changed ViewBox dimension attributes from int to double;
  • updated draw(Shape) and fill(Shape) methods for more compact output;
  • fixed miter limit (#36 and #38);
  • fixed font family name issue (#27);
  • added more JUnit tests;
  • updated JUnit test dependency to version 5.7.2.

Version 4.2 (10 January 2021)

  • replace NumberFormat with Ryu algorithm for performance gains (#30);
  • add winding rule to path data if required (#25);
  • migrated to JUnit 5.

Version 4.1 (26 March 2020)

  • correction of fix for encoding of images (#21).

Version 4.0 (27 February 2020)

  • created a module for JFreeSVG: org.jfree.svg;
  • increased the minimum required Java version to 11;
  • changed the Maven artifact ID to match the module name;
  • removed 'graphics2d' from the package names;
  • fix drawArc() and fillArc() methods to draw pie arcs;
  • use java.util.Base64 instead of javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter.

Version 3.4 (10 February 2019)

  • added attribute for font size units override;
  • added automatic module name (org.jfree.jfreesvg);
  • omit transformation if it is the identity transform;
  • fixed drawString() method for empty string;
  • fixed drawImage() method for null ImageOp.

Version 3.3 (7 November 2017)

  • the default DEFS key prefix should not begin with a number;
  • transferred demo code to the JFree-Demos project to streamline the distribution process.

Version 3.2 (9 October 2016)

  • added facility to specify units for width and height attributes;
  • added option to suppress width and height from SVG element;
  • add option to include viewBox and associated parameters in the SVG element;
  • fixed NullPointerException in drawImage(Image, AffineTransform, ImageObserver) (bug #6);
  • copy fontMapper in create() method (bug #5).

Version 3.1 (30 April 2016)

  • use fractional metrics for FontMetrics;
  • use ellipse element to draw/fill Ellipse2D instances;
  • handle alpha in gradient paints.

Version 3.0 (8 June 2015)

  • added handling for BasicStroke cap, join and miterlimit;
  • added ZIP option when writing SVG to files;
  • added demo for exporting Swing UIs to SVG;
  • removed CanvasGraphics2D implementation;
  • fixed handling of PathIterator.SEG_CLOSE;
  • fixed y-coordinate bug in drawImage();
  • added workaround for ClassCastException when exporting Swing UIs on MacOSX with Nimbus L&F.

Version 2.1 (4 August 2014)

  • fixed bug with element end tag for JFreeChart;
  • fixed compilation error in demos.

Version 2.0 (30 July 2014)

  • added configurable text-rendering and shape-rendering properties to the SVG element;
  • observe KEY_STROKE_CONTROL rendering hints;
  • fixed create() method so that Swing components can be rendered correctly;
  • modified the font render context info to fix glyph positioning for text drawn as vector graphics;
  • write colors using rgb() rather than rgba(), and write the alpha value to separate opacity attribute;
  • changed the license from AGPLv3 to GPLv3.

Version 1.9 (6 May 2014)

  • added defsKeyPrefix attribute to allow unique ids for DEFS when generating multiple SVG elements for use in a single HTML page;
  • added support for LinearGradientPaint and improved existing GradientPaint handling;
  • added KEY_ELEMENT_TITLE rendering hint;
  • added support for arbitrary key, value pairs in the KEY_START_GROUP handler;
  • added zeroStrokeWidth attribute to allow configuration of handling for BasicStroke with zero width (which the Java specification states should be "rendered as the thinnest possible line");
  • fixed a bug in the drawImage(Image, int, int, int, int, int, int, int, int, ImageObserver) method.

Version 1.8 (11 April 2014)

  • added additional KEY_BEGIN_GROUP options, plus special integration support for Orson Charts;
  • added special handling for shape drawing when the Stroke is not an instance of BasicStroke;
  • explicitly set encoding to UTF-8 for SVGUtils.writeToSVG() and SVGUtils.writeToHTML().

Version 1.7 (25 February 2014)

  • added SVGHints.KEY_BEGIN_GROUP and SVGHints.KEY_END_GROUP to allow grouping of SVG output;
  • fix drawString() to include id if SVGHints.KEY_ELEMENT_ID is set;
  • fix transparent colors issue;
  • fixed minor issue with meta tag in HTML output file.

Version 1.6 (18 December 2013)

  • fixed a minor packaging error in version 1.5.

Version 1.5 (18 December 2013)

  • added FontMapper to ensure that Java logical font names map to the equivalent SVG generic font names;
  • added SVGHints.KEY_IMAGE_HREF to allow image references to be specified;
  • added SVGHints.KEY_ELEMENT_ID to allow an element id to be supplied for the next element to be written;
  • fixed a bug for special characters in drawString();
  • fixed a bug with coordinate formatting in certain locales.

Version 1.4 (24 October 2013)

  • getSVGFontStyle() now specifies font-size units as required by the SVG standard. Fixes a bug that is visible when the SVG output is rendered in FireFox (which is more strict about the standard than other browsers);
  • added text-rendering attribute to the SVG text element generated by the drawString() method;
  • added new key and values to SVGHint to configure the value of the text-rendering attribute.

Version 1.3 (24 September 2013)

  • implemented getDeviceConfiguration() method;
  • fixed clipping bug with transforms applied after clip is set;
  • fixed bug with setClip(null);
  • fixed "not well-formed" parsing issue for Firefox;
  • set preserveAspectRatio attribute for images;

Version 1.2 (13 September 2013)

  • added SVG and XLINK namespaces to SVG element;
  • fixed capitalisation of linearGradient element, to pass W3C validator;
  • added support for Java2D's RadialGradientPaint;
  • added SVGUtils.writeToSVG() method;
  • added new demo

Version 1.1 (4 September 2013)

  • reimplemented drawString(AttributedCharacterIterator, float, float) using TextLayout and modified drawGlyphVector() to fill rather than stroke shapes (for SVG/CanvasGraphics2D);
  • removed the PDF code (to a separate project, OrsonPDF);
  • fixed clipping bug in SVGGraphics2D;
  • added geomDP and transformDP attributes to CanvasGraphics2D to control number of decimal places for numbers written to script;

Version 1.0 (31 July 2013)

  • Initial public release.