A simple mark down text editor made in React
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Mark Steem Down

A simple multipourpose MarkDown editor, made in ReactJS and hosted in Heroku.


1.2.1 12/08/17

  • High resolution images don't overflow the preview area

v1.2 28/07/17

  • Archive post feature added
  • Load archived post feature added
  • Post title added for the archive feature

V1.1 10/07/17

  • Post live preview added
  • Underline option is not accepted by Steemit

V1.0 09/07/17

  • Bold option added
  • Italics option added
  • Underline option added
  • Strikethrough option added
  • Link option added
  • Image option added
  • Unordered list option added
  • Ordered list option added
  • Inline code option added
  • Quote option added
  • Center option added
  • Heading (<h1>) option added
  • Separator line option added