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Install and Configure Common Car Hacking Tools.
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CarHacking.Tools is a scripts collection of scripts to help jump start car research (and hacking?). All the scripts are designed to run on Ubuntu 18.04.

How To Install

Install Virtual Machine

An OVA is available on CarHacking.Tools to download.

Download CHV BETA OVA Here.

VMWare Fusion Works Better Than Virtual Box
Stand Alone Hardware Is Best.

Install Full Desktop

To Install The Full Desktop:

Git clone
cd CarHackingTools
sudo chmod +x *.sh

Install Tools Only

To Install Only The Tools:

Git clone
cd CarHackingTools
sudo chmod +x *.sh

OBDII Adapters

You will need an OBDII adapter to get started.

Here are three of my favorites that I own and test with:

Tool Name Link Notes
USB ELM327 Best for getting started and virtual environments.
Veepeak Bluetooth Great for permanent installs and using with your phone.
Cantact An amazing open-source project for advanced users.
$10 Veepeak Bluetooth Great for getting started has some limitations.

Included Tools

The following tools are installed and configured automatically:

Tool Name Link Notes
Can-Utils Basic CAN tool.
Canbus-Utils Basic CAN tool.
Cantact-App Built to work with the Cantact Harware. I have not got it to work yet.
GNUradio If you want to look at door locks and TPM modules.
ICSim Basic simulator for testing without a car.
KatyOBD A really neat project that provides a GUI. I want to fork this and make it better.
OBD-Monitor A rally neat project that provides a GUI. Needs some documentation work.
PyOBD Super old tool, still works, kinda.
Python-OBD Use over PIP install.
SavvyCAN Basic CAN tool.
Scantool Super old tool but still works.
Socketcand Basic CAN tool.
UDSim Basic simulator for testing without a car.
Wireshark Great for capturing OBDII data just like you would ethernet data.

Stuff To Read

The following sites have been useful to me:

Link Notes Car Hacking Handbook Open Garages I user this when I forget how to enable can0


I likely don't know what I am doing and this could be done faster, better and simpler some other way. These scripts could also break your car (seriously) and make you cry.

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