Turn based strategy game featuring space combat.
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##Introduction Hexode is a turn based strategy game featuring space combat. Go to www.hexode.xyz to get a feel on what I am trying to build. Things are still in a very early state but blog is regularly made up to date. I plan to release some notes on the game design itself in a close future.

##Installation Hexode is being developed with Unreal Engine 4. There are no standalone builds available yet. Future builds will target Windows and OSX. For the moment, The only way to install the game is to download and install UE4 editor.

Note: in theory, UE4 supports Linux but I haven't tested it yet so I don't want to make any false promises. Also, I want my focus to be on development and not on compatibility issues.


###Generate Visual Studio project (Windows only) This is not a mandatory step but it allows you to build the C++ code inside Visual Studio instead of the UE4 editor.

In the game folder, right-click on Hexode.uproject file (with a round blue icon), then left-click and select: "Generate Visual Studio Files".

Run the game

Hit the play button in the UE4 editor!

How to contribute

Being an open source project, Hexode code base and its assets are free for anyone to reuse. However, I would be grateful to be mentioned if it is the case.

I welcome any contribution, from testing, coding, production of graphical assets to simple encouragements or constructive criticisms.

Any questions?

Then ask me! www.hexode.xyz/contact/