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Ask me anything!

This is a quick little ask-me-anything type of repository. It is forked from @holman's feedback repo (by way of @mdo's joint) and seems like a pretty fantastic idea in lieu of traditional blog comments, email, and the like.

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  • Ensure your question hasn't already been answered.
  • Use a succinct title and description.
  • Bugs & feature requests should be opened on the relevant issue tracker.
  • Support questions are better asked on Stack Overflow.
  • Be civil and polite :)

TL;DR on myself

Here's a little background on me: I've been working for GitHub since 2013, and I've been doing design professionally since 2004. I've worked remotely for my clients and employers for most of my career. I contribute regularly to open source projects, and I do both design and front-end dev type stuff. I've also got a life outside of the work things, so those topics are fair game too, if you're interested.

NOTE: If you have any technical problems with Git or GitHub, you're better off asking GitHub Support directly, since you'll end up getting a much faster response back that way.


If you have something quick and easy, just ping me on Twitter. 140 characters makes everyone more efficient. I'm @jglovier on Twitter.

Make your own AMA!

Want to do your own AMA? Just fork this repo, edit the README file for own details, and make sure to go to the repository Settings and check the Issues box (Issues are disabled by default on project forks).


Ask questions. Receive answers.






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