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max-page-size does not work properly? #343

karlicoss opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Seems like max-page-size is not working properly even when set to 100K (default): if you save a page with more that 100K characters, gitit should show somewhat like "Server error: Page exceeds maximum size.", instead, it just does not apply any change to the page, and shows you the last page revision before the edit. Actually, that happens not just above 100K bytes, but this problem arises somewhere about 95K bytes — gitit just forgets the changes to the page and does not show any error.

I also tried setting max-page-size to 50K, and it works fine, if I insert less than 50K text, it saves, if I insert 60K text, it shows error. However, if I insert, for example, 100K text, it just forgets the changes.

My gitit version is, I also built 0.10.2 and reproduced the same bug. I tried to reproduce it on, but it works as expected (unfortunately, I don't know the version of gitit installed there).


If text is rather small (90K, for example), saving it with no description results in "Description cannot be empty" message, just as expected. If it is a bit larger (99K text, for example) saving it does not result in any error message and I get the page text before the edit.


Hmm, looks like it depends not only on page size. The same, for example happens on pages with small (30 K) size, but a lot of sections/subsections. I'll try to reproduce it exactly later.

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