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Running gitit on heroku #349

pankajmore opened this Issue · 10 comments

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Is there a guide for running gitit on a PaaS service such as heroku? I am thinking similar to how Yesod has support for heroku inside its scaffold by using appropriate config files. It would be useful to do a one click install of gitit on heroku.


I would like to do that.


It is now possible to deploy gitit to Heroku with two clicks. Check out my fork.


@pankajmore, @jgm: check out @master-q’s success story.

Step-by-step instructions will soon be available.


@mietek any update on those step-by-step instructions? this is pretty much the only alive link that Google returns when searching for how to run gitit on heroku!


@thosgood: Since my last comment, I’ve generalised my work so that it’s possible to easily install Haskell applications on arbitrary platforms — not just on Heroku. The correct link is now:


@mietek I've managed to deploy it to Heroku with the link on that page, but I'm having issues actually getting the app to run now (I just get an application error message when I visit my app url). I'm guessing that my config variables must be in some way wrong... The GITIT_GIT_URL is for the link to the git of my local version of gitit, yes? How exactly does one set up the OAuth stuff as well? (Sorry for so many questions!)


Please take a look at .profile.d/ Almost all environment variables correspond directly to Gitit options, which are described in

GITIT_GIT_URL is the link to a git repository which will be used as permanent storage for your Gitit. If you don’t provide it, your data will be lost when your Heroku dyno goes to sleep, as only transient storage is available on Heroku.


@mietek I've got everything up and running fine, apart from having persistent storage. I've set up GITIT_GIT_URL etc., but I can't seem to get anything to actually commit to the repo (unless I do it manually and locally from the command line, of course). Any tips on getting this last part working?

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