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History / Pandoc Extras

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@msprev msprev Add Unite BibTeX source for pandoc 472c5eb
@msprev msprev Updated Pandoc Extras (markdown) 89977fd
@msprev msprev Updated Pandoc Extras (markdown) 42e2e44
@msprev msprev add panzer to Workflow section 4062aba
@blah-blah blah-blah Page incorrectly stated that Sanson's TextMate bundle worked only with TextMate 1. eda3a2c
@htdebeer htdebeer Added a ruby wrapper (paru) and a static site generator based on paru (pandocomatic) 1cbb221
@baig baig Added entry for Zotero Integration Extension 359775e
@dfrommi dfrommi Added groovy-pandoc library 326e0aa
@writage writage Add Writage to the list of editors. 0ed79f6
@silvio silvio add docker-pandoc to list b28b479
@msabramo msabramo Add "Web services" f08ec9d
@msabramo msabramo Add link to pypandoc, python wrapper c0433f0
@martinwiboe martinwiboe Added Pandoc Build Task to the "Workflow" section 2353e28
@apaeffgen apaeffgen Announcing a new third party tool - PanConvert. So it may be helpful to somebody. License GPL fe1eb90
@mpickering mpickering Updated Pandoc Extras (markdown) efd0903
@adunning adunning Move extra documentation to a separate page; alphabetize editors. a90ef38
@adunning adunning Add more known projects; move all templates to separate page. bd2caba
@smargh smargh added Pandoctor 464804c
@fmoralesc fmoralesc Point vim users to current pandoc support plugins c222e4c
@uvtc uvtc Rippledoc has replaced Gouda. d1c35a8
@jgm jgm Shortened apache section head 4b4259b
@jgm jgm Move Building on raspberry pi to own page 0a1d143
Mike Henderson Added pandoc-filter-node to filter list 503090d
@tex tex add [vim HTML viewer use pandoc, konqueror or firefox], by tex [vimpreviewpandoc] fcde774
@Vinai Vinai Move link to Filters senction 9209a2f
@Vinai Vinai All link to pandocfilters-php acb4645
@AKielhorn AKielhorn Installing pandoc on a Raspberry Pi be4dfe5
@citrin citrin fix broken link to clip-pandoc for Notepad++ b444a47
@sky-y sky-y Added a list item for Xmindoc. 4212e74
@sky-y sky-y Added a note about Japanese translation of README. 342c194
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