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Fixing 401 Errors

Make sure you have the latest version of Twidge, and for sure at least 1.1.1.

Twitter makes frequent API changes that clients must keep up with. If you are having issues, most likely they have caused them.

Occasionally Twitter has internal glitches that manifest as 401 or other 4xx errors. You might wait a few hours and see if the problem resolves itself.

If you submit many twidge requests quickly, Twitter may rate-limit you. This should clear up in a few hours.

How do I use twidge with Identica?

Set serverbase: and urlbase: %(serverbase)s/api in [DEFAULT] in ~/.twidgerc
Also change all … %(serverbase)s/oauth/ … lines to … %(serverbase)s/api/oauth …

Does everything work with Identica?

No. The Identica platform doesn’t implement all the features of Twitter. You can see the status of their API. Major things to note are that doesn’t support direct messages, nor will it support —unseen options to various commands. Some of these options may be silently ignored, and others will return mysterious errors.

Updating works fine.

How do I install twidge on Mac OS X?

Here’s how I installed ghc and twidge with MacPorts:

  1. Install GHC: sudo port install ghc
  2. Install Cabal: sudo port install hs-cabal
  3. Update Cabal package list: cabal update
  4. Install twidge with cabal: cabal install twidge
  5. Run twidge: ~/.cabal/bin/twidge