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Fixing 401 Errors starting October 25, 2010 – twidge 1.0.5 and earlier

Twitter pulled a fast one on us: they revoked Twidge’s API key for some fake security reason. See for why this is wrong-headed.

You have three options:

  1. Upgrade to twidge 1.0.6
  2. You can obtain the OAuth.hs file from, put it in place of your existing OAuth.hs in the top level of the twidge distribution, and recompile.
  3. You can go to, register your own app, and set oauthconsumerkey and oauthconsumersecret in your config file to the values given to you by Twitter.

Fixing 401 Errors starting in August or September, 2010

In August and September, 2010, twitter made two changes: they dropped support for authentication that doesn’t use OAuth, and they also dropped support for some of the older-style API requests. Both of these could cause some trouble for you. If you are getting errors, here’s what you should do:

  1. Make sure you have twidge version 1.0.5 or above
  2. Edit your Twidge config file. Remove the lines for the options urlbase, oauthaccesstoken, oauthauthorize, oauthrequesttoken, and serverbase, if they exist. If you are using or a non-twitter service, add a serverbase and urlbase as described in the manpage.
  3. Run twidge setup. Answer YES if asked if you want to overwrite the existing auth data.
  4. Follow the prompts.

It has been observed that Twitter has disabled the old API on some servers and not on others. You may not see this problem immediately.

How do I use twidge with Identica?

Set serverbase: and urlbase: %(serverbase)s/api in [DEFAULT] in ~/.twidgerc
Also change all … %(serverbase)s/oauth/ … lines to … %(serverbase)s/api/oauth …

Does everything work with Identica?

No. The Identica platform doesn’t implement all the features of Twitter. You can see the status of their API. Major things to note are that doesn’t support direct messages, nor will it support —unseen options to various commands. Some of these options may be silently ignored, and others will return mysterious errors.

Updating works fine.

How do I install twidge on Mac OS X?

Here’s how I installed ghc and twidge with MacPorts:

  1. Install GHC: sudo port install ghc
  2. Install Cabal: sudo port install hs-cabal
  3. Update Cabal package list: cabal update
  4. Install twidge with cabal: cabal install twidge
  5. Run twidge: ~/.cabal/bin/twidge
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