This script determines whether a given webpage is available, and optionally sends an email alert upon failure or unexpected content (e.g. http error).
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This script determines whether a given webpage is available.

usage: $0 [-hdv] [-e eml1,eml2] [-c eml3,eml4] [-b eml5,eml6] [-f from_eml] [-n name] [-p pattern] [-s tmpfile] [-t timeout] url

-h              : this (help) message  
-d              : debug output  
-v              : verbose output  
-e eml1,eml2    : comma-separated list of To: addresses for email alert  
                  (email alerts are enabled iff this is provided)  
-c eml3,eml4    : comma-separated list of Cc: addresses for email alert  
-b eml5,eml6    : comma-separated list of Bcc: addresses for email alert  
-f from_eml     : From: address for email alert  
-n name         : friendly name of webpage, used in email alerts  
-p pattern      : pattern (regex) to match on valid webpage  
-s tmpfile      : unique temporary file used to track page status between runs  
-t timeout      : timeout (in seconds) to wait for an HTTP response  

example: ./ -p "[Ww]elcome \w+ Example\.com" -e -c, -f