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NOTE 09.11.2020 : Development on mxGraph has now stopped, this repo is effectively end of life.

Known forks:


mxGraph is a fully client side JavaScript diagramming library that uses SVG and HTML for rendering.

The PHP model was deprecated after release 4.0.3 and the archive can be found here.

The unmaintained npm build is here

We don't support Typescript, but there is a project to implement this, with this repo currently used as the lead repo.

The mxGraph library uses no third-party software, it requires no plugins and can be integrated in virtually any framework (it's vanilla JS).

Getting Started

In the root folder there is an index.html file that contains links to all resources. You can view the documentation online on the Github pages branch. The key resources are the JavaScript user manual, the JavaScript examples and the JavaScript API specificiation.


There is a mxgraph tag on Stack Overflow. Please ensure your questions adhere to the SO guidelines, otherwise it is likely to be closed.

If you are looking for active support, your better route is one of the commercial diagramming tools, like yFiles or GoJS.


We created mxGraph in 2005 as a commercial project and it ran through to 2016 that way. Our USP was the support for non-SVG browsers, when that advantage expired we moved onto commercial activity around mxGraph is pretty much feature complete, production tested in many large enterprises and stable for many years.

Over time you can expect this codebase will break features against new browser releases, it's not advised to start new projects against this codebase for that reason.