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+ Automatic file generation with links to all of your Org files
- A powerful org-mobile-pull command, which will integrate changes
you’ve made on the go into a local Org file
+* Contributing
+ There are a few minor things we request in order to make it easier
+ to accept contributions.
+ Of course, the main thing is to simply feel free to contribute any
+ and all code. It's much appreciated!
+** Pull Requests
+ Pull requests for bug fixes, features or anything else are gladly
+ accepted. Since this is github we follow the fork/pull
+ collaboration style. If you are planning to contribute you should
+ have a fork of the mobileorg repository and issue pull requests
+ from there.
+** git flow branching model
+ To the extent possible the MobileOrg repo follows the [[][Git Flow]]
+ branching model. How this affects contributing is that *all new
+ work should be based off the develop* branch and be named either
+ *feature/your-new-feature*, *hotfix/some-bug-fix* or similar. See
+ the previous link for more information. This will make it much
+ easier to merge your work.
+ There is a [[][git extension]] if you're interested in learning a new
+ command for this workflow, but it isn't required. You can just as
+ easily manually do:
+ git checkout -b feature/new-hotness
+** bug tracker
+ [[][github issues]]
+** contact
+ - Web:
+ - Email:
+ - IRC: #mobileorg on freenode
* Changelog
* Credits
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- Joseph Wain of
- Sean Escriva
- Alex Rodich
- - Gautam Guliani
- - Rahul Jha
+ - Russell McClellan
* License
MobileOrg is distributed under the GNU Public License version 2.
See LICENSE.txt for more info.

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