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Installing: Directory in ReadMe doesn't match install + rewrite rule won't install on IIS7 #1

jayhealey opened this Issue Jun 1, 2012 · 4 comments

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I've run into 2 (minor) issues installing the plugin.

The first one was minor and was that the plugin directory in the readme was incorrect- it states:

== Installation ==

  1. Upload wp-broadbean/ directory to the wp-content/plugins directory.

It actually needs to be 'broadbean' instead of 'wp-broadbean'. As in 'broadbean.php', it states:

const basename = 'broadbean/broadbean.php';

So, once this is resolved, the plugin starts to appear in the WP Plugins area.

Secondly, the rewrite rule doesn't appear to be applied/saved to the wp_options table when installing the plugin - I'm running Wordpress 3.3.1 on IIS7 with a web.config, so I solved this by adding a rule manually to the web.config.

But I suspect this isn't a bug with Broadbean, but with WP itself. I assume the installation for Broadbean works perfectly for Apache servers.

Having chased the code through to /wp-includes/rewrite.php, it appears that the $this->non_wp_rules isn't dealt with in the function iis7_url_rewrite_rules. I find mention of this on a post that's 3 years old (, so I would expect it to be resolved by now, but it doesn't appear so!

Other than that, it appears to do exactly what I want!


jgwhite commented Jun 1, 2012

Yeah, one other person had the same issue with the install directory — I need to update the README.

I hadn’t realised Wordpress’ rewrite-rule generation engine didn’t support IIS. To be honest, that part of their API proved frustrating in lots of ways.

Would you be interested in collaborating on this plugin? It seems like there’s a need for a well-maintained Broadbean plugin, would be cool if it was this one.

@jgwhite jgwhite closed this Jun 1, 2012
@jgwhite jgwhite reopened this Jun 1, 2012

Fantastic - thanks!

I'll potentially be working on extending this to support Broadbeans delete functionality, so I'll submit any changes I make to it.

jgwhite commented Jul 20, 2012

@jayhealey I’ve added the delete functionality to the plugin. One of Broadbean’s developers is currently testing it out, so hopefully it will meet their spec.

jgwhite commented Jul 20, 2012

For the sake of tidyness, I’m going to close this issue. The install directory part is addressed, but feel free to open a new issue for IIS support.

@jgwhite jgwhite closed this Jul 20, 2012
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