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Keeweb for Nextcloud

Nextcloud is an open source, self-hosted file sync and share and communication app platform. Keeweb is a web application for working with databases of the Keepass password manager.

This integrates the two with each other. Just click on a *.kdbx file in Your Nextcloud to open it.



  1. Go to the releases page, download the latest version.
  2. Extract it to your_nextcloud/apps, for example with tar xvf keeweb-0.4.0.tar.gz -C /path/to/your/nextcloud/apps.
  3. Go to "Apps" and then "Not enabled", scroll down to "Experimental" and enable it.

To update to a new version, simply repeat these steps.

Development setup

git clone
cd nextcloud-keeweb

# You can skip this if you only want to build the appstore or source packages
git clone -b stable12 nextcloud
ln -sf "$(pwd)/keeweb" nextcloud/apps

git clone keeweb-source

# Install npm -- this might require a more recent npm than your distro's, see on how to deploy it
# Once npm is installed, install grunt and bower; instead of relying on your distro's, you can do
sudo npm install -g grunt bower

# Build nextcloud-keeweb
bin/build keeweb_branch # Requires 1.4 or later; use "bin/build develop" for the keeweb development branch

# Finally, run the nextcloud server
# Alternatively, you can build the app package to test on a running nextcloud by doing
cd keeweb
make dist
# The package that can be installed in the nextcloud app folder is here: ./build/artifacts/appstore/keeweb.tar.gz


  1. Fork the repository and clone your fork.
  2. Create a new branch.
  3. Commit your patch.
  4. Push the branch and open a pull request.