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My personal changes to various sublime packages.
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Color Scheme
Meslo LG v1.0
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I find myself making changes to allot of existing packages. That is all this project is.

What's Here:

  • Extended Molokai, Eiffel, and Plastic.

  • Mediawiki syntax added from a tmBundle.

  • Added Lists to ReStructured_extended.

  • Added Verbatim blocks to ReStructured_extended.

  • Included ReStructured_extended, thanks chh
    • Includes Shell-Unix-Generic-Extended.tmLanguage, Twilight Extended
    • Removed the meta.paragraph.restructuredtext definition, so that normal text will be colored just like all other standard text as defined in the currently used color theme.
    • Added definitions for the ReST directives .. sourcecode:: bash, .. sourcecode:: console, .. sourcecode:: guess and .. sourcecode:: python
    • Added definitions for the ReST directives .. NOTE::, .. ATTENTION:: and .. WARNING:
    • Corrected some regex flaws.
  • Included orgmode, thanks theblacklion

  • My Settings and Keybindings. (I know this shouldn't be checked in, but it's super convenient for me. You probably want to delete these.)

Install Instructions

  • copy or clone into Sublime Text 2/Packages. A symbolic link also works ln -s ~/src/Jesse-s-Sublime-Mods Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages
  • Shell-Unix-Generic.tmLanguage needs to be overwritten with the one here -- copy it over.

Note: The settings in my_settings are sourced last and will override your own.

Favorite Packages

  • Package Control
  • SublimeCodeIntel -- Autocomplete with library lookups
  • Alternative Autocomplete -- Textmate style tab completion on local variables. Currently Interferes with CodeIntel.
  • SublimeREPL -- pdb!!
  • Goto Documentation -- Python help()
  • FileDiffs -- Diff against the clipboard (surprising how much I use this)
  • Djaneiro
  • Theme Soda
  • Abacus


  • Comment the color schemes with their colors codes
  • Create a real ReSt plugin. Probably another github project.
  • Remove all the PINK (gah!) from Monokai's XML -- hard on the eyes, xml needs a subdued color.
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