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Greetings, Java Hipster!

This is the JHipster Angular 2+ utilities library

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Full documentation and information is available on our website at http://jhipster.github.io/

Please read our guidelines before submitting an issue. If your issue is a bug, please use the bug template pre populated here. For feature requests and queries you can use this template.

Development setup

You need NodeJS and yarn.

Fork the ng-jhipster project

Go to the ng-jhipster project and click on the "fork" button. You can then clone your own fork of the project, and start working on it.

Please read the Github forking documentation for more information


Run yarn install to install all dependencies.

Make some changes, run yarn run test to run both tslint and karma tests.

Build the library with yarn run build and then yarn ngc.

Package the library with yarn pack, this will create an archive ng-jhipster-vX.Y.Z.tgz.

For testing, you will want to integrate this archive into an application generated by JHipster.

Go to your generated JHipster application and run...

git checkout -- yarn.lock
yarn cache clean ng-jhipster
rm -rf `yarn cache dir`/.tmp
yarn add path/to/ng-jhipster/ng-jhipster-vX.Y.Z.tgz

...so that your JHipster application uses the content of this archive as ng-jhipster dependency which is located in node_modules/ng-jhipster.