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Berserk 4.4.0

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@jhonnold jhonnold released this 10 Jul 15:56
· 461 commits to main since this release

This release revolves around 2 major search improvements - move ordering and extensions.

I have also simplified Berserk's time management. I do not expect any timeouts, but if anyone does see them please let me know


ELO   | 51.19 +- 3.82 (95%)
CONF  | 32.0+0.32s Threads=1 Hash=64MB
GAMES | N: 10008 W: 2345 L: 881 D: 6782

Thank you to Lars for pre-testing this release and confirming this number is reasonable


  • Counter move history and pruning
  • Follow up move history
  • History extension
  • Castle extension
  • Adjust depth on fail high in aspiration
  • Space eval cleanup
    • Credit to Laser for inspiring the resulting code which is MUCH nicer
  • Time management simplification
    • Berserk should be semi-aggressive, but nothing compared to what previous releases are