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TreeBurst - Simple P2P mind-mapping webapp

Run Project

npm install
npm start
# in another tab
npm run webpack

After you see the webpack compilation succeed (the npm run webpack step), open up build/index.html (no server needed!). Then modify whichever .re file in src and refresh the page to see the changes.

For more elaborate ReasonReact examples, please see

Run Project with Server

To run with the webpack development server run npm run server and view in the browser at http://localhost:8000. Running in this environment provides hot reloading and support for routing; just edit and save the file and the browser will automatically refresh.

Note that any hot reload on a route will fall back to the root (/), so ReasonReact.Router.dangerouslyGetInitialUrl will likely be needed alongside the ReasonReact.Router.watchUrl logic to handle routing correctly on hot reload refreshes or simply opening the app at a URL that is not the root.

To use a port other than 8000 set the PORT environment variable (PORT=8080 npm run server).

Build for Production

npm run build
npm run webpack:production

This will replace the development artifact build/Index.js for an optimized version as well as copy src/index.html into build/. You can then deploy the contents of the build directory (index.html and Index.js).

If you make use of routing (via ReasonReact.Router or similar logic) ensure that server-side routing handles your routes or that 404's are directed back to index.html (which is how the dev server is set up).

To enable dead code elimination, change bsconfig.json's package-specs module from "commonjs" to "es6". Then re-run the above 2 commands. This will allow Webpack to remove unused code.


Pocket Mesh Demo - Simple collaborative P2P mindmapping tool







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