A demo Rails app for the Filterrific gem
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Filterrific Demo App (Rails 5.x branch)

This is a demo Rails app for the Filterrific gem.

It is also used for integration testing of Filterrific into different versions of Rails. I prefer testing Rails Engines in a separate app rather than the dummy app inside the Engine gem.

How to run the app

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Satisfy RVM if you use it.
  3. Run bundle install
  4. Create a DB named filterrific_demo_development. Update database.yml if you don't use PostgreSQL.
  5. Run the migrations with rake db:migrate. This will set up the schema and populate demo data.
  6. Start the web server and browse the app.
  7. Happy filtering!


Copyright (c) 2010 - 2016 Jo Hund. (MIT) LICENSE