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An Implementation of Two-Trie and Tail-Trie using Double Array



This is an implementation of two-trie and tail-trie using J.Aoe’s Double- Array Structure. Trie is an associative container. It has a very good searching performance. The time complexity of searching is O(1) respected to the number of items. This also means that the number of items has no negative effect on its searching performance. Therefore trie is widely used as dictionary for Natural Language Processing and Network Information Retrieving. For more information about trie please refer to Trie in Wikipedia.


  • Two main implementations: tail trie and two trie.

  • Two searching methods: prefix search and exact match.

  • Key name can be unicode characters.

  • Index can be stored as a disk file and be loaded via mmap(2) system call.

  • Index is 64 bits compatible. Once index built, it can be used in both 32 bits and 64 bits system.


This project is under BSD License. Feel free to use it.

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