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A fast way to start working on a new Flask application.

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Flask Boilerplate Project


I wanted a quick way to create websites with all my favorite settings and customizations. So I created this boilerplate project based on the Flask microwebframework.

Why is this useful? Because:

  1. Cutting-edge components, good defaults, HTML5 goodness, etc.
  2. New Project script - sets up everything for you, including Apache mod_wsgi deployment!

Get Started

  1. Run bash setup/install.bash
  2. That's it. Yes, really.
  3. Okay, you do have to write your code in flask_application/controllers/
  4. And when you edit your code, use fab deploy to upload the latest code to a server.


By default, it uses packages and modules to make it very simple to split up the controllers (and models) into logical groups in separate files, rather than using a monolithic file which contains everything.


The installation script works specifically with Ubuntu Linux, Apache, mod_wsgi only.

Currently, the install script assumes that you are already on the target machine w.r.t. both the creation of the git project as well as the deployment.

We are using Fabric to deploy new code to the server.

In the future, we may even deploy our app in an AppEngine-esque manner using Silver Lining.

UI : HTML5 Boilerplate + 960 Grid System

It uses HTML5 Boilerplate code for the UI. This makes the frontend future-ready and compatible all the way back to IE6. Don't forget to watch the video.

It uses 960 Grid System for the layout of your pages.

Other Things to Consider

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