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Stable Partitioning Examples

spart.hpp contains example code in C++ for the stable partitioning algorithms discussed in the Reordering Arguments blog post.

spart_test compares the output of the various partitioning functions to that of std::stable_partition.

spart_time compares the execution time and number of predicate applications for a vector of 1,000,000 elements. Here is the output from a MSVC compile, optimization turned on:

Timing all false:
  std::stable_partition        11.13 ms (1000000 predicates)
  stable_partition_recursive    7.49 ms (1000000 predicates)
  stable_partition_bottomup     7.20 ms (1999998 predicates)
  stable_partition_bsearch     13.33 ms (3999959 predicates)
  stable_partition_natural      1.29 ms (1000000 predicates)

Timing all true:
  std::stable_partition         2.09 ms (1000000 predicates)
  stable_partition_recursive    7.93 ms (1000000 predicates)
  stable_partition_bottomup    26.06 ms (19980544 predicates)
  stable_partition_bsearch     13.54 ms (2999961 predicates)
  stable_partition_natural      1.32 ms (1000000 predicates)

Timing first half false:
  std::stable_partition         7.00 ms (1000000 predicates)
  stable_partition_recursive   12.16 ms (1000000 predicates)
  stable_partition_bottomup    21.66 ms (10980537 predicates)
  stable_partition_bsearch     18.27 ms (3499955 predicates)
  stable_partition_natural      6.13 ms (2000000 predicates)

Timing alternating false/true:
  std::stable_partition         6.94 ms (1000000 predicates)
  stable_partition_recursive   20.87 ms (1000000 predicates)
  stable_partition_bottomup    37.17 ms (11490270 predicates)
  stable_partition_bsearch     36.23 ms (3499961 predicates)
  stable_partition_natural     41.18 ms (20000000 predicates)

Timing random:
  std::stable_partition         9.53 ms (1000000 predicates)
  stable_partition_recursive   30.10 ms (1000000 predicates)
  stable_partition_bottomup    48.42 ms (11350257 predicates)
  stable_partition_bsearch     45.86 ms (3457751 predicates)
  stable_partition_natural     45.53 ms (19000000 predicates)

Some observations from these results:

  • bsearch uses between 3n and 4n predicate applications.
  • bottomup and natural use worst-case around 20 million predicate applications, which is n log n.
  • natural expectedly performs well when few changes are needed.


This projected is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.


Example code for Reordering Arguments blog post (





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