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Re-implementation of the userChromeJS add-on for Thunderbird 60+
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jikamens Restore handling of windows other than main mail window
The last batch of TB68 changes excluded the handling of windows other
than the main mail window. This update is an attempt to address the
problem the previous changes were intended to address while at the
same time handling all windows, not just the main mail window.
Latest commit 0c28f53 May 22, 2019

userChromeJS add-on for Thunderbird 60+

This add-on allows you to create a file called "userChrome.js" in the "chrome" folder inside your Thunderbird profile, which is then loaded into every new Thunderbird window that opens.

It is a bare-bones re-implementation of the old userChromeJS add-on, which has been unmaintained for a long time.

Unlike that old add-on, which provided a bunch of helper functions you could call in your userChrome.JS, this add-on is (currently) more basic. It has no helper functions. All it does is load your userChrome.js file into new windows. Any functionality you want, you'll have to build yourself.

I am open to the possibility of adding a library of helper functions back to the add-on over time, and perhaps also creating a repository of code snippets thta do various specific things which shouldn't be shipped with the add-on itself but might be useful for people to look at. For the time being, however, I'm releasing this as-is for people to start using. And by "people" I mean me, because the reason I built this was so that I could start using Thunderbird 68 without losing all of the customizations in my userChrome.js file.

The home page of this add-on is currently on Github. Also feel free to contact me with questions or feedback.

This add-on is Copyright (C) 2019 Jonathan Kamens. It is released under the terms of the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0, a copy of which is included in the add-on in the file "LICENSE.txt".

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