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;;; egit.el --- emacs git commit history interface ala gitk and qgit
;; Copyright (C) 2008 Jim Hourihan
;; Version: 1.1
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
;; under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
;; Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
;; option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
;; WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
;; with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
;; 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
;;; Commentary:
;; This file contains an interface to git commands which are not
;; (currently) part of git.el. Primarily, this is a view of the git commit
;; history with the ability to mark ranges and/or single commits and
;; operate on them. Mutiple branches/tags/ref interfaces can be active at
;; the same time.
;; To install: put this file on the load-path and place the following in
;; your .emacs file:
;; (require 'egit)
;; -or-
;; (autoload 'egit "egit" "Emacs git history" t)
;; (autoload 'egit-file "egit" "Emacs git history file" t)
;; (autoload 'egit-dir "egit" "Emacs git history directory" t)
;; `M-x egit' shows commit history for a given branch, tag, or other ref. With
;; a prefix argument, you supply a directory (to identify the repo), the ref,
;; and a maximum number of commits to show -- e.g., M-x C-u egit
;; `M-x egit-file' will show commits related to a specific file
;; `M-x egit-dir' will show commits related to files within a directory
;; egit is currently useful for browsing the history. It has only a few
;; operations implemented (cherry-pick, revert, tag, delete tag) -- and
;; those are implemented only minimally. The framework for operating on a
;; single or multiple commits (that have been marked) already exists, so
;; adding new git commands should be relatively easy.
;; There isn't a way to specify a range of commits (unless you use the
;; marked commits to do so). There should probably be a dedicated method of
;; creating a range to pass to git commands. It might be good to have a
;; facility like qgit's in which user defined commands can be added
;; (although the default set should be fairly complete)
;; The "occur" feature needs something like himark to highlight the occur
;; regex in the comment buffer(s). There's a piece of code in there that
;; currently calls himark that's commented out. The idea is to "grep"
;; through comments. For example to highlight all cherry picked commits
;; search for "cherry", etc.
;; Start up time can be significant when 10s of thousands of commits are
;; being displayed so the default is 500. You can increase that after the
;; fact by clicking on the number of commits message at the end of the
;; buffer.
;; - graph representation along the left of the commit buffer
;; - graphical rep of a commit range (like the marks)
;; - git reset functions
;; - branch creation at a commit
;; - patch creation from a set of commits
;; - show list of authors/sign-offs related to commits
;; - make occur more useful
;; - speed up
;; - lazy resolve parent commits
;; - make delete tag default to one of the current commit tags
;; - incrementally load commits
(require 'git)
(require 'ewoc)
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(defvar egit-mode-map nil "Mode map for egit mode")
(defvar egit-mode-menu nil "Menu for egit mode")
(defvar egit-default-max-commits 500 "Default number of commits to show")
(defface egit-base-face
'((t (:inherit 'variable-pitch))) "egit: base"
:group 'egit)
;(defface egit-base-face
;'((t ())) "egit: base"
;:group 'egit)
(defface egit-bisect-unknown-face
'((t (:inherit 'fixed-pitch :background "light blue" :box nil)))
"egit: bisect unknown"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-bisect-good-face
'((t (:inherit 'fixed-pitch :background "pale green" :box nil)))
"egit: bisect good"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-bisect-bad-face
'((t (:inherit 'fixed-pitch :background "tomato" :box nil)))
"egit: bisect bad"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-tag-face
'((t (:inherit 'egit-base-face :background "yellow" :box t))) "egit: tag"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-remote-face
'((t (:inherit 'egit-base-face :background "bisque" :box t))) "egit: remote"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-head-face
'((t (:inherit 'egit-base-face :background "green" :box t))) "egit: head"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-merge-base-face
'((t (:inherit 'egit-base-face :background "green3" :box t))) "egit: merge-base"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-highlight-face
'((t (:inherit 'egit-base-face :background "darkseagreen1")))
"egit: highlight"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-merged-commit-face
'((t (:inherit 'egit-base-face :background "SkyBlue" :box t))) "egit: merged"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-marked-face
'((t (:inherit 'egit-base-face :background "orange" :box t))) "egit: marked"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-date-face
'((t (:inherit 'egit-base-face :foreground "grey25"))) "egit: date"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-subdued-date-face
'((t (:inherit 'egit-base-face :foreground "grey60"))) "egit: date subdued"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-author-face
'((t (:inherit 'fixed-pitch :foreground "grey25"))) "egit: date"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-subdued-author-face
'((t (:inherit 'fixed-pitch :foreground "grey60"))) "egit: date subdued"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-id-face
'((t (:inherit 'fixed-pitch))) "egit: id"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-file-name-face
'((t (:inherit 'default :foreground "blue"))) "egit: file-name"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-heading-face
'((t (:inherit 'bold))) "egit: heading"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-more-face
'((t (:inherit 'egit-base-face :foreground "blue"))) "egit: more"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-more-mouse-face
'((t (:inherit 'egit-more-face :underline t))) "egit: more mouse"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-diff-diff-face
'((t (:foreground "blue4" :background "lavender"))) "egit: diff diff"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-diff-minus-face '((t (:foreground "red3"))) "egit: diff minus"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-diff-plus-face '((t (:foreground "green3"))) "egit: diff plus"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-diff-graph-plus-face
'((t (:background "green3" :foreground "green3"))) "egit: graph diff plus"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-diff-graph-minus-face
'((t (:background "red3" :foreground "red3"))) "egit: graph diff minus"
:group 'egit)
(defface egit-diff-context-face '((t (:foreground "magenta4"))) "egit: diff context"
:group 'egit)
(defvar egit-current-line-face-overlay '(:background "grey70"))
(defstruct egit--commit
(defvar egit-log-buffer " *egit-log*")
(defvar egit-branch-buffer " *egit-branch*")
(defvar egit-tag-buffer " *egit-tags*")
(defvar egit-commit-buffer "*egit-commit*")
(defvar egit-diff-buffer "*egit-commit-diff*")
(defvar egit-temp-buffer " *egit-temp*")
(defun egit-parse-commit-line (line commit)
(let ((w (car (split-string line)))
(c (> (length line) 1))
(nwsp (not (equal (aref line 0) ? ))))
((and nwsp c (string= w "Date:"))
(setf (egit--commit-date commit) (date-to-time (substring line 8 -1))))
((and nwsp c (string= w "Author:"))
(setf (egit--commit-author commit) (substring line 8 -1)))
((and nwsp c (string= w "Merge:"))
(setf (egit--commit-merge commit) (substring line 7 -1)))
((and c (string-match "^commit " line)) nil)
(let ((comments (egit--commit-comments commit))
(subject (egit--commit-subject commit)))
(when (and w (not subject))
(setf (egit--commit-subject commit) (substring line 4 -1)))
(when (or comments w)
(setf (egit--commit-comments commit)
(cons line comments)))
(defun egit-heading (s)
(propertize s 'face 'egit-heading-face))
(defun egit-nice-human-name (n)
(string-match "\\(.*\\)<.*>" n)
(let* ((N 12)
(person (match-string 1 n))
(parts (split-string person))
(abbrev (mapconcat 'concat parts " "))
(l (length abbrev)))
(if (> l N)
(substring abbrev 0 N)
(concat (make-string (- N l) ? ) abbrev))))
(defun egit-propertize-ref (s)
((string-match "refs/heads/\\(.*\\)" s)
(propertize (match-string 1 s) 'face 'egit-head-face))
((string-match "refs/tags/\\(.*\\)" s)
(propertize (match-string 1 s) 'face 'egit-tag-face))
((string-match "refs/remotes/\\(.*\\)" s)
(propertize (match-string 1 s) 'face 'egit-remote-face))
(t nil)))
(defun egit-combine-subject-refs (commit)
(let ((subject-text (egit--commit-subject commit))
(reflist (egit--commit-refs commit)))
(if subject-text
(if (and reflist (sequencep reflist))
(let ((s ""))
(dolist (x reflist)
(let ((q (egit-propertize-ref x)))
(when q (setq s (concat s q " ")))))
(setf (egit--commit-subject commit)
(propertize subject-text 'face 'egit-base-face)))))
(setf (egit--commit-subject commit) (propertize subject-text 'face 'egit-base-face)))
(setf (egit--commit-subject commit) (propertize "No Commit Message" 'face 'italic)))))
(defun egit-parse-commit-id (text commit)
(let* ((parts (split-string text "[()\n\r]"))
(line (split-string (car parts)))
(refline (car (cdr parts)))
(sha1 (car (cdr line)))
(rents (if (cdr line) (cdr (cdr line)) nil)))
(setf (egit--commit-id commit) sha1)
(setf (egit--commit-parents commit) rents)
(setf (egit--commit-children commit) nil)
(when (and refline (not (string= "" refline)))
(setf (egit--commit-refs commit) (split-string refline "[ ,]")))))
(defun egit-parse-commit ()
"Requires that point is at the beginning of a commit log entry"
(let* ((line (thing-at-point 'line))
(commit-line (cdr (split-string line)))
(commit (make-egit--commit)))
(egit-parse-commit-id line commit)
(while (and (not (eobp))
(egit-parse-commit-line (thing-at-point 'line) commit))
(egit-combine-subject-refs commit)
(setf (egit--commit-comments commit) (reverse (egit--commit-comments commit)))
(defun egit-parse-log (ref-start &optional n)
"Read commit log"
(if (and n (> n 0))
(git-run-command-buffer egit-log-buffer
"log" "--parents" "--decorate=full"
(format "-%d" n) ref-start)
(git-run-command-buffer egit-log-buffer
"log" "--parents" "--decorate=full" ref-start))
(let ((buffer (get-buffer-create egit-log-buffer))
(commits nil))
(set-buffer buffer)
(let ((last-pcent-done 0)
(pcent-down 0)
(start-time (float-time))
(total (- (point-max) (point-min))))
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (not (eobp))
(when (> (- (float-time) start-time) 3.0)
(setq pcent-done (/ (point) (/ total 100)))
(unless (equal pcent-done last-pcent-done)
(setq last-pcent-done pcent-done)
(message "Parsed %d%% ..." pcent-done)))
(setq commits (cons (egit-parse-commit) commits)))
(kill-buffer buffer)
(reverse commits)))))
(defun egit-parse-file-log (file)
"Read commit log for a specific file"
(git-run-command-buffer egit-log-buffer
"log" "--decorate=full" "--follow" "--parents" file)
(let ((buffer (get-buffer-create egit-log-buffer))
(commits nil))
(set-buffer buffer)
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (not (eobp))
(setq commits (cons (egit-parse-commit) commits)))
;(kill-buffer buffer)
(reverse commits))))
(defun max-number (list biggest)
(if list
(let ((x (car list))
(rest (cdr list)))
(if (> x biggest)
(max-number rest x)
(max-number rest biggest)))
(defun egit-update-ewoc ()
(let ((node (ewoc-locate egit-ewoc)))
(ewoc-refresh egit-ewoc)
(ewoc-goto-node egit-ewoc node))
(defun egit-get-selection ()
"Return a list of marked commits (or the current if none are marked)"
(let ((commits nil))
(dolist (c egit-commits)
(when (egit--commit-mark c)
(setq commits (cons c commits))))
(if commits
(list (ewoc-data (ewoc-locate egit-ewoc))))))
(defun egit-get-full-name (infile)
"Returns the git full name for FILE"
(let ((file (expand-file-name infile)))
(git-run-command-buffer egit-temp-buffer "ls-files" "-z" "--full-name" "--" file)
(with-current-buffer egit-temp-buffer
(goto-char (point-min))
(replace-string "" "\n")
(goto-char (point-min))
(car (split-string (buffer-string))))))
(defun egit-get-tags ()
"Returns a list of tags"
(git-run-command-buffer egit-tag-buffer "tag" "-l")
(with-current-buffer egit-tag-buffer
(goto-char (point-min))
(let ((tags nil))
(while (< (point) (point-max))
(setq tags (cons (substring (thing-at-point 'line) 0 -1) tags))
(kill-buffer egit-tag-buffer)
(defun egit-get-merge-base (branch current-branch)
"Returns a pair (branch . sha1)"
(git-run-command-buffer egit-temp-buffer "merge-base" branch current-branch)
(with-current-buffer egit-temp-buffer
(cons (substring (buffer-string) 0 -1) branch)))
(defun egit-get-merge-bases ()
"Returns a list of pairs ((branch . id) ...)"
(let* ((branches (egit-get-branches ""))
(current-branch (car branches))
(other-branches (car (cdr branches)))
(ids nil))
(dolist (b other-branches)
(when (not (string= b egit-top))
(setq ids (cons (egit-get-merge-base b egit-top) ids))))
(defun egit-update-merge-bases ()
"Sets merge base info on existing ewoc structures"
(let ((merge-bases (egit-get-merge-bases)))
(dolist (c egit-commits)
(dolist (a merge-bases)
(when (string= (egit--commit-id c) (car a))
(setf (egit--commit-merge-bases c)
(cons (cdr a) (egit--commit-merge-bases c))))))))
(defun egit-get-branches (&optional local-only)
"Returns a list: (current-branch (b1 b2 b3 ...)) including remote tracking branches"
(interactive "M")
(if local-only
(git-run-command-buffer egit-branch-buffer "branch")
(git-run-command-buffer egit-branch-buffer "branch" "-a"))
(with-current-buffer egit-branch-buffer
(goto-char (point-min))
(let ((current-branch nil)
(branches nil))
(while (< (point) (point-max))
(setq branches
(let ((line (thing-at-point 'line)))
(string-match "\\([* ]\\) \\(.*\\)" line)
(let ((star (match-string 1 line))
(branch (match-string 2 line)))
(when (string= star "*")
(setq current-branch branch))
(kill-buffer egit-branch-buffer)
(list current-branch branches))))
(defun egit-populate-ewoc (ewoc commits)
"Popuate the ewoc node structure with commits"
(let ((n (length commits))
(i 0))
(dolist (c commits)
(setq i (+ i 1))
(ewoc-enter-last ewoc c))))
(defun egit-create-temp-buffer-and-window (buffer)
(let* ((window (get-largest-window))
(new-window (split-window window)))
(set-window-buffer new-window buffer)
(select-window new-window)
(fit-window-to-buffer new-window 20)
(select-window window)))
(defun egit-day-string (commit)
(format-time-string "%Y-%m-%d" (egit--commit-date commit)))
(defun egit-same-day-commit (commit other)
"Returns t if the commit and the other commit are from the same day"
(if (or (stringp other) (stringp commit))
(string= (egit-day-string commit)
(egit-day-string other))))
(defun egit-pretty-printer (commit)
"Display a commit for ewoc"
(let* ((s (egit--commit-subject commit))
(refs (egit--commit-refs commit))
(mark (egit--commit-mark commit))
(merge-bases (egit--commit-merge-bases commit))
(date (egit--commit-date commit))
(bisect-state (egit--commit-bisect-state commit))
(author (egit--commit-author commit))
(v s))
(when (and egit-show-branch-points merge-bases)
(dolist (b merge-bases)
(setq v (concat (propertize (concat ">" b) 'face 'egit-merge-base-face) " " v))))
(when egit-highlight-regex
(dolist (l (egit--commit-comments commit))
(when (string-match egit-highlight-regex l)
(setq v (propertize v 'face 'egit-highlight-face)))))
(when egit-bisect-mode
(setq v
((eql bisect-state 'good)
(propertize "+" 'face 'egit-bisect-good-face))
((eql bisect-state 'bad)
(propertize "-" 'face 'egit-bisect-bad-face))
(propertize "?" 'face 'egit-bisect-unknown-face))
" " v)))
(when egit-show-id
(setq v
(concat (propertize (egit--commit-id commit) 'face 'egit-id-face)
" "
(when egit-show-date
(let* ((parents (egit--commit-parents commit))
(same-day (and (= 1 (length parents))
(egit-same-day-commit (car parents) commit))))
(setq v
(propertize (format-time-string "%Y-%m-%d" date) 'face
(if same-day 'egit-subdued-date-face
(if egit-show-time
(propertize (format-time-string " %T" date) 'face 'egit-date-face)
" "
(when egit-show-author
(setq v (concat (propertize (egit-nice-human-name author) 'face
" "
(insert (concat (if mark "* " " ") v "\n"))))
(defun egit-current-line-decoration ()
(move-overlay egit-current-overlay
(+ 1 (line-end-position))))
(defun egit-next-line (&optional n)
"Move forward one line"
(interactive "P")
(goto-char (line-beginning-position))
(defun egit-previous-line (&optional n)
"Move backward one line"
(interactive "P")
(goto-char (line-beginning-position))
(forward-line -1)
(defun egit-show-commit-date ()
"Show commit dates in the commit history"
(setq egit-show-date (if egit-show-date nil t))
(defun egit-show-commit-time ()
"Show commit times (and dates) in the commit history"
(setq egit-show-time (if egit-show-time nil t))
(when egit-show-time (setq egit-show-date t))
(defun egit-show-commit-author ()
"Show commit author in the commit history"
(setq egit-show-author (if egit-show-author nil t))
(defun egit-show-commit-branch-points ()
"Show branch points from commits"
(setq egit-show-branch-points (if egit-show-branch-points nil t))
(unless egit-branch-points
(setq egit-branch-points t)
(defun egit-show-commit-id ()
"Show commit id in the commit history"
(setq egit-show-id (if egit-show-id nil t))
(defun egit-show-all-commit ()
"Show commit with all of the comments"
(egit-show-commit t))
(defun egit-quit ()
"Quit egit kill buffer"
(kill-buffer (current-buffer)))
(defun egit-delete-window-buffer (buffer-name)
(let* ((old-buffer (get-buffer buffer-name))
(old-window (get-buffer-window buffer-name)))
(if old-window (delete-window old-window))
(if old-buffer (kill-buffer old-buffer))))
(defun egit-clear-other-windows ()
"Nuke temporary windows for better viewing"
(egit-delete-window-buffer egit-diff-buffer)
(egit-delete-window-buffer egit-temp-buffer)
(egit-delete-window-buffer egit-commit-buffer)))
(defun egit-show-commit (long)
"Show commit by ref/hash"
(let* ((node (ewoc-locate egit-ewoc))
(commit (ewoc-data node))
(highlight-regex egit-highlight-regex)
(author (egit--commit-author commit))
(sha1 (egit--commit-id commit))
(parents (egit--commit-parents commit))
(comments (egit--commit-comments commit))
(ncomments (length comments))
(summary (egit--commit-subject commit))
(merge (egit--commit-merge commit))
(date (format-time-string "%b %d %T %Y %z" (egit--commit-date commit))))
(let ((buffer (get-buffer-create egit-commit-buffer)))
(set-buffer buffer)
(goto-char (point-min))
(kill-region (point-min) (point-max))
(insert (concat (egit-heading " SHA1: ") sha1 "\n"))
(when parents
(dolist (p parents)
(insert (concat (egit-heading " Parent: ")
;; its either a commit or a (unresolved commit) string
(if (typep p 'egit--commit)
(egit--commit-subject p)
(when merge
(insert (concat (egit-heading " Merge: ") merge "\n")))
(when (> ncomments 2)
(setq summary
(concat summary
(format " + More (%d lines)..." (- (length comments) 1))
'face 'egit-more-face))))
(insert (concat (egit-heading " Author: ") author "\n"
(egit-heading " Date: ") date "\n"
(egit-heading "Summary: ") summary))
(when long
(insert "\n-\n")
(dolist (c comments)
(insert c)))
(goto-char (point-min))
;(when highlight-regex
; (himark-regexp highlight-regex))
(setq buffer-read-only t)
(egit-create-temp-buffer-and-window buffer))))
(defun egit-show-files-commit ()
"Show files changed by commit"
(let* ((node (ewoc-locate egit-ewoc))
(commit (ewoc-data node)))
(let ((buffer
egit-diff-buffer "show" "--pretty=short" "--stat" (egit--commit-id commit))))
(with-current-buffer egit-diff-buffer
(setq buffer-read-only t)
(goto-char (point-min))
(egit-create-temp-buffer-and-window buffer)))))
(defun egit-show-diff-commit ()
"Show diff of a commit"
(let* ((node (ewoc-locate egit-ewoc))
(commit (ewoc-data node)))
(let ((buffer
(git-run-command-buffer egit-diff-buffer
"show" "-p" "--stat" (egit--commit-id commit))))
(with-current-buffer egit-diff-buffer
(setq buffer-read-only t)
(goto-char (point-min))
(egit-create-temp-buffer-and-window buffer)))))
(defun egit-mark ()
"Mark active commit"
(let* ((node (ewoc-locate egit-ewoc))
(commit (ewoc-data node)))
(setf (egit--commit-mark commit) t)
(ewoc-invalidate egit-ewoc node)
(defun egit-unmark ()
"Unmark active commit"
(let* ((node (ewoc-locate egit-ewoc))
(commit (ewoc-data node)))
(setf (egit--commit-mark commit) nil)
(ewoc-invalidate egit-ewoc node)
(defun egit-mouse-click (event)
"Click in the egit buffer"
(interactive "e")
(let* ((node (ewoc-locate egit-ewoc))
(commit (ewoc-data node))
(event-type (car event))
(position (car (cdr event)))
(clicks (car (cdr (cdr event)))))
(goto-char (line-beginning-position))
(defun egit-cherry-pick (doit)
"Cherry pick commits"
(let* ((branch-state (egit-get-branches))
(current-branch (car branch-state)))
(if (not (string= current-branch egit-top))
(concat "Cherry-Pick to "
(propertize current-branch 'face 'egit-head-face) " ")))
(list 'bad))))
(let ((commits (egit-get-selection)))
(if (and doit (not (eq doit 'bad)))
(dolist (c commits)
(let ((buffer (git-run-command-buffer egit-temp-buffer
"cherry-pick" "-x"
(egit--commit-id c))))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(egit-create-temp-buffer-and-window buffer)))))
(if (eq doit 'bad)
(message "Don't cherry pick off the current branch")
(message "Cancelled"))))
(defun egit-revert (doit)
"Revert commits without commiting them"
(let* ((branch-state (egit-get-branches))
(current-branch (car branch-state))
(commits (egit-get-selection))
(ncommits (length commits)))
(if (string= current-branch egit-top)
(format "Revert %d commit%s (without committing)"
(if (> ncommits 1) "s" ""))))
(list 'bad))))
(let ((commits (egit-get-selection)))
(if (and doit (not (eq doit 'bad)))
(dolist (c commits)
(let ((buffer (git-run-command-buffer egit-temp-buffer
"revert" "-n"
(egit--commit-id c))))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(egit-create-temp-buffer-and-window buffer)
(message "Cancelled")))
(defun egit-checkout-file-from-history (file doit)
"Checkout a file as it appears after a specific commit -- NOTE: this
can fail if the file had a different name in the past"
(let* ((commits (egit-get-selection))
(ncommits (length commits)))
(if (= ncommits 1)
(if egit-log-file
"File: "
(list 'bad))))
(let ((commits (egit-get-selection))
(top egit-top)
(path (egit-get-full-name file)))
(if (and doit (not (eq doit 'bad)))
(dolist (c commits)
(let ((buffer (git-run-command-buffer egit-temp-buffer
"cat-file" "blob"
(egit--commit-id c) ":"
(with-current-buffer buffer
(let ((fname
(concat path ".~"
top "-"
(format-time-string "%b-%d-%T-%Y~"
(set-visited-file-name fname)
(goto-char (point-min))
(set-buffer-modified-p nil)
(egit-create-temp-buffer-and-window buffer)
(message "Cancelled"))))
(defun egit-tag (name)
"Tag the current commit"
(let* ((tags (egit-get-tags))
(name (completing-read "Tag Name: " nil))
(exists (member name tags)))
(if (or (and exists
(y-or-n-p (concat name " is already a tag. Force")))
(not exists))
(list name)
(let* ((ann (read-string "Annotation: "))
(node (ewoc-locate egit-ewoc))
(commit (ewoc-data node))
(buffer (git-run-command-buffer egit-temp-buffer
"-a" name
(egit--commit-id commit)
"-m" ann)))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(egit-create-temp-buffer-and-window buffer)))
(defun egit-delete-tag (name)
"Delete a tag"
(let* ((tags (egit-get-tags))
(name (completing-read "Delete Tag: " tags nil t)))
(list name)))
(let ((buffer (git-run-command-buffer egit-temp-buffer
"-d" name)))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(egit-create-temp-buffer-and-window buffer)))
(defun egit-bisect-bad ()
"Call git bisect good on the current commit"
(let* ((commits (egit-get-selection))
(ncommits (length commits))
(state 'bad))
(unless egit-bisect-mode (egit-bisect-start))
(dolist (c egit-commits)
(when (eql state 'bad)
(setf (egit--commit-bisect-state c) state))
(if (eql c (car commits)) (setq state t)))
(defun egit-bisect-good ()
"Call git bisect good on the current commit"
(let* ((commits (egit-get-selection))
(ncommits (length commits))
(state nil))
(unless egit-bisect-mode (egit-bisect-start))
(dolist (c egit-commits)
(if (eql c (car commits)) (setq state 'good))
(when (eql state 'good)
(setf (egit--commit-bisect-state c) state))
(defun egit-bisect-reset ()
"Call git bisect reset"
(if (not egit-bisect-mode)
(message "Not in bisect mode")
(dolist (c egit-commits)
(setf (egit--commit-bisect-state c) nil))
(setq egit-bisect-mode nil)
(defun egit-bisect-start ()
"Call git bisect start"
(if egit-bisect-mode
(message "Already in bisect mode")
(dolist (c egit-commits)
(setf (egit--commit-bisect-state c) t))
(setq egit-bisect-mode t)
(defun egit-show-current-line-info ()
"Show current commit info"
(egit-show-commit nil))
(defvar egit-mode-map nil
"Keymap for egit major mode.")
(defun egit-refresh ()
"Refresh current egit buffer"
(let* ((dir egit-repo-dir)
(ref egit-top)
(if egit-log-file
(egit-parse-file-log (expand-file-name egit-log-file))
(egit-parse-log ref egit-max-commits))))
(setq buffer-read-only nil)
(egit-mode commits ref dir egit-max-commits egit-log-file)))
(defun egit-occur (regex)
"Highlight commits whose comments match a regular expression"
(interactive "sSearch Regex: ")
(setq egit-highlight-regex (if (string= regex "") nil regex))
(unless nil ; egit-mode-map
(let ((map (make-keymap)))
(suppress-keymap map)
(define-key map "\C-n" 'egit-next-line)
(define-key map "\C-p" 'egit-previous-line)
(define-key map "n" 'egit-next-line)
(define-key map "p" 'egit-previous-line)
(define-key map "f" 'egit-show-files-commit)
(define-key map "c" 'egit-cherry-pick)
(define-key map "R" 'egit-revert)
(define-key map "g" 'egit-refresh)
(define-key map "d" 'egit-show-diff-commit)
(define-key map "q" 'egit-quit)
(define-key map "m" 'egit-mark)
(define-key map "u" 'egit-unmark)
(define-key map "o" 'egit-occur)
(define-key map "D" 'egit-show-commit-date)
(define-key map "A" 'egit-show-commit-author)
(define-key map "i" 'egit-show-commit-id)
(define-key map "t" 'egit-tag)
(define-key map "T" 'egit-delete-tag)
(define-key map "v" 'egit-checkout-file-from-history)
(define-key map "b" 'egit-show-commit-branch-points)
(define-key map "Bg" 'egit-bisect-good)
(define-key map "Bb" 'egit-bisect-bad)
(define-key map "Bs" 'egit-bisect-start)
(define-key map "Bq" 'egit-bisect-reset)
(define-key map "Br" 'egit-bisect-reset)
(define-key map "" 'egit-show-all-commit)
(define-key map [mouse-1] 'egit-mouse-click)
(define-key map [up] 'egit-previous-line)
(define-key map [down] 'egit-next-line)
(define-key map [right] 'egit-show-all-commit)
(define-key map [left] 'egit-show-current-line-info)
(setq egit-mode-map map))
(easy-menu-define egit-menu egit-mode-map
"EGit Menu"
["Display Date" egit-show-commit-date [:selected '(lambda () egit-show-date)]]
["Display Date+Time" egit-show-commit-time [:selected '(lambda () egit-show-time)]]
["Display Author" egit-show-commit-author [:selected '(lambda () egit-show-author)]]
["Display SHA1" egit-show-commit-id [:selected '(lambda () egit-show-id)]]
["Display Branch Points" egit-show-commit-branch-points [:selected '(lambda () egit-show-branch-points)]]
["Show Comments" egit-show-all-commit t]
["Show Diffs" egit-show-diff-commit t]
["Show Files" egit-show-files-commit t]
["Tag" egit-tag t]
["Delete Tag" egit-delete-tag t]
["Revert" egit-revert t]
["Cherry-Pick" egit-cherry-pick t]
["Start" egit-bisect-start]
["Mark Good" egit-bisect-good]
["Mark Bad" egit-bisect-bad]
["Reset/Quit" egit-bisect-reset])
["Visit Historical File" egit-checkout-file-from-history t]
["Mark" egit-mark t]
["Unmark" egit-unmark t]
["Search/Highlight" egit-occur t]
["Refresh" egit-refresh t]
["Quit" egit-quit t]
(defun egit-resolve-parent (commit)
(or (gethash commit egit-hash-map)
(defun egit-largest-commit-subject (commits)
"Find the largest line in the commit subjects"
(let ((max 0))
(dolist (c commits)
(let* ((subject (egit--commit-subject c))
(l (length subject)))
(when (> l max)
(setq max l))))
(defun egit-get-more-commits ()
(let ((saved-node-num egit-max-commits))
(setq egit-max-commits (* egit-max-commits 2))
(ewoc-goto-node egit-ewoc (ewoc-nth egit-ewoc saved-node-num))
(egit-show-commit nil)))
(defun egit-mode (commits ref dir n &optional file)
"Mode for git commit logs.
(setq buffer-read-only nil)
(make-local-variable 'egit-commits)
(make-local-variable 'egit-top)
(make-local-variable 'egit-log-file)
(make-local-variable 'egit-ewoc)
(make-local-variable 'egit-current-overlay)
(make-local-variable 'egit-repo-dir)
(make-local-variable 'egit-highlight-regex)
(make-local-variable 'egit-hash-map)
(make-local-variable 'egit-max-commits)
(make-local-variable 'egit-max-subject-length)
(make-local-variable 'egit-show-date)
(make-local-variable 'egit-show-time)
(make-local-variable 'egit-show-author)
(make-local-variable 'egit-show-id)
(make-local-variable 'egit-show-branch-points)
(make-local-variable 'egit-show-merge-commits)
(make-local-variable 'egit-branch-points)
(make-local-variable 'egit-bisect-mode)
(make-local-variable 'egit-bisect-good-commit)
(make-local-variable 'egit-bisect-bad-commit)
(setq egit-hash-map (make-hash-table :test 'equal
:size (length commits)))
; put all of the commits in a hash table keyed on sha1
(message "Creating commit hash table...")
(dolist (c commits)
(puthash (egit--commit-id c) c egit-hash-map))
; resolve the parent sha1 strings to actual commit objects
; pehaps this should be done lazily since its only used to show parent
; subjects right now. Eventually this info can be used (with children) to
; draw a graph in the buffer
(message "Resolving commit parents...")
(dolist (c commits)
(let ((resolved-parents (mapcar 'egit-resolve-parent
(egit--commit-parents c))))
(setf (egit--commit-parents c) resolved-parents))
; make a child list while we're at it
;(dolist (p (egit--commit-parents c))
; (setf (egit--commit-children p)
; (cons c (egit--commit-children p))))
(setq egit-commits commits
egit-top ref
egit-repo-dir dir
egit-max-commits n
egit-log-file file
egit-show-cherry-picked nil
egit-highlight-regex nil
egit-show-date t
egit-show-time nil
egit-show-author t
egit-show-id nil
egit-show-merge-commits t
egit-show-branch-points nil
egit-branch-points nil
egit-bisect-mode nil
egit-bisect-good-commit nil
egit-bisect-bad-commit nil
egit-max-subject-length (egit-largest-commit-subject commits)
egit-ewoc (ewoc-create 'egit-pretty-printer "" "" t)
egit-current-overlay (make-overlay 0 0))
(overlay-put egit-current-overlay 'face egit-current-line-face-overlay)
(egit-populate-ewoc egit-ewoc commits)
(setq header-line-format
(propertize " egit commit summary -- user: " 'face 'egit-base-face)
(propertize (git-get-committer-name) 'face 'bold)
(propertize ", top: " 'face 'egit-base-face)
(propertize egit-top 'face 'bold)
(if egit-log-file
(propertize ", file: " 'face 'egit-base-face)
(propertize egit-log-file 'face 'bold))
(let ((ncommits (length commits)))
(ewoc-set-hf egit-ewoc
(concat (egit-heading "Repository:") " " dir "\n"
(if egit-log-file
(concat (egit-heading " File/Dir:") " "
egit-log-file "\n")
(egit-heading " Top:") " " egit-top ", "
(format "%d commit%s\n" ncommits
(if (> ncommits 1) "s" ""))
(if (and egit-max-commits (= ncommits egit-max-commits))
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-key map [mouse-1] 'egit-get-more-commits)
(define-key map [mouse-2] 'egit-get-more-commits)
(define-key map "" 'egit-get-more-commits)
(format (concat "\n" (propertize " Showing %d Commits, Click For More "
'face 'egit-more-face
'keymap map
'mouse-face 'egit-more-mouse-face))
(egit-heading (format "\nShowing All %d Commits" ncommits)))
(message "Refreshing egit-ewoc...")
(ewoc-refresh egit-ewoc)
(if (not truncate-lines) (toggle-truncate-lines))
(goto-char (point-min))
(forward-line 2)
(setq major-mode 'egit-mode
mode-name "egit"
goal-column 1)
(put 'egit-mode 'mode-class 'special)
(use-local-map egit-mode-map)
(setq buffer-read-only t))
(defun egit-dir (dir)
"Start up egit limited to directory"
(if buffer-file-name
(let ((dir (file-name-directory buffer-file-name)))
"Egit log of directory: "
dir dir t nil))
"Egit log of directory: " nil nil t nil))))
(egit-file dir))
(defun egit-file (file)
"Start up egit limited to file (or directory)"
(if buffer-file-name
"Egit log of file/directory: "
(file-name-directory buffer-file-name)
(file-name-nondirectory buffer-file-name))
"Egit log of file/directory: " nil nil t))))
(let ((buffer (get-buffer-create
(format "*egit:%s*" (file-name-nondirectory file)))))
(switch-to-buffer buffer)
(let ((dir (git-get-top-dir (file-name-directory file))))
(cd dir)
(let* ((branch-state (egit-get-branches))
(current-branch (car branch-state)))
(egit-mode (egit-parse-file-log
(expand-file-name file)) current-branch dir 0 file)))))
(defun egit (dir ref n)
"Start up egit for DIR on REF (a branch, tag, or other ref) with at most
N commits shown. A prefix argument will query for all parameters otherwise
the default directory, branch, and unlimited commits will be displayed."
(if (not current-prefix-arg)
(list default-directory
(car (egit-get-branches))
(let ((dir (read-directory-name "Directory in repo: " nil nil t nil)))
(cd dir)
(let* ((branch-state (egit-get-branches))
(current-branch (car branch-state))
(all-tags (egit-get-tags))
(all-branches (car (cdr branch-state)))
(all-refs (append all-branches all-tags)))
(concat "Ref (" current-branch "): ")
nil nil nil nil current-branch))
(read-number "Max number of commits to show or 0 for all " 0)))))
(let ((buffer (get-buffer-create (format "*egit:%s*" ref))))
(switch-to-buffer buffer)
(cd (git-get-top-dir dir))
(egit-mode (egit-parse-log ref n) ref dir n)))
(setq egit-diff-font-lock-keywords
("^\\(commit\\)" (1 'egit-heading-face))
("^\\(Author:\\)" (1 'egit-heading-face))
("^\\(Date:\\)" (1 'egit-heading-face))
("^\\(diff --git.*\\)$" (1 'egit-diff-diff-face))
("^\\(-.*\\)$" (1 'egit-diff-minus-face))
("^\\(\\+.*\\)$" (1 'egit-diff-plus-face))
("^ \\([^ ][^|]+\\)| +" (1 'egit-file-name-face))
(".+ | +[^+]*\\(\\++\\)" (1 'egit-diff-graph-plus-face))
(".+ | +[^-]*\\(-+\\)" (1 'egit-diff-graph-minus-face))
("[0-9]+ insertions(\\(\\+\\))" (1 'egit-diff-graph-plus-face))
("[0-9]+ deletions(\\(-\\))" (1 'egit-diff-graph-minus-face))
("^\\(@@.*\\)$" (1 'egit-diff-context-face))))
;"Default expressions to highlight in egit-diff mode."))
(define-derived-mode egit-diff-mode text-mode "egit-diff"
"Major mode for font-locking egit diff output"
(modify-syntax-entry ?\' ".")
(make-local-variable 'paragraph-start)
(setq paragraph-start (concat "$\\|>" page-delimiter))
(make-local-variable 'paragraph-separate)
(setq paragraph-separate paragraph-start)
(make-local-variable 'paragraph-ignore-fill-prefix)
(setq paragraph-ignore-fill-prefix t)
(make-local-variable 'font-lock-defaults)
(setq font-lock-defaults
nil ; CASE-FOLD: no
((?_ . "w")) ; SYNTAX-ALIST
(provide 'egit)