A small tool to help importing Nier:A save files
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NieR:AutoModSave v0.1 by jimmyazrael

This tool will guide and help you to import Nier:A's saves shared by others.


If you're using Steam Cloud Sync, switching saves will cause conflict between the cloud saves and the local files, and if choose to update cloud saves, it will raplace the original cloud saves.

You are advised to disable the Cloud Sync feature for this game to avoid trouble when using this tool.


  1. Preferably you should have received the whole save folder, or at least you should have the following files: GameData.bat, one or more than one of the SlotData files and probably SystemData.dat. Although the use of SystemData.dat is still unknown.
  2. Please make sure you back up your own save folder, as using other's save file will make yours unreadable. If you would like to use your save files again, simply treat your own backup save folder as the one shared by someone else and repeat the very same steps stated below.


  2. Back up your WHOLE save folder, which is likely located at Documents\My Games\NieR_Automata ;
  3. Remove everything except Graphic.ini in that folder;
  4. Put the files (except Graphic.ini) you received from another player in the folder;

if you prefer exe: 4. Put NierAutoModSave.exe in the same folder, run it, follow it, done.

else if you prefer .py script and you have Python installed: 4. Put NierAutoModSave.py in the same folder and run it, follow it, done.