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This repository contains sample Scirra Construct 2 templates and resources for Windows 8 game developers.

Scirra2Store.docx provides a step-by-step walkthough, with screenshots, for exporting a Windows 8 game from Construct 2 and preparing and submitting it to the Windows 8 store.

The Templates subdirectory contains sample game templates that can be easily customized and submitted to the Windows 8 store. Each template listed below is a .capx file that can be opened in the free version of Scirra Construct 2 Release 119 or later. Each template project contains a README.txt file in the Files folder of the project, and generally all of the steps needed to customize the template are itemized in an event sheet named CustomizeGameHere.

  1. MatchGame.capx is a drag-and-drop timed matching game through which short text strings are dropped on up to 15 images.

  2. WhackARodent.capx is a take off of the popular arcade game in which the objective is to tap 'rodents' as they appear randomly on the board. The rodents quickly disappear, and the game concludes when the player has missed n rodents.

  3. SoundBoardTemplate.capx displays a 2x3 grid of images, which when tapped will play a corresponding sound. Pagination is built-in, so you can add additional images (and sounds) beyond the six that are displayed at a given time.

  4. EightFacts.capx is a simple educational app template for which you provide a theme that has eight interesting facts. You supply an image, a short fact title and a fact narrative (the latter two in an XML file that's part of the project).

  5. Shooter.capx is a simple shooter app template, it is a side scroller with the enemies appearing from the right and attacking the player on the left. The player can move and shoot down the enemies to gain score. Health is lost for each enemy not destroyed and for each collision with an enemy. The game ends when the player runs out of lives.

  6. FeedTheCritter.capx is a kid's game in which you direct the 'critter' to 'food' that randomly appears on the screen. The objective is to collect as much as possible before time runs out.