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Imports Apple iPhoto and Aperture libraries into XBMC. Creates Events, Albums, Faces, Places, Keywords, and Ratings listings.
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iPhoto plugin for XBMC
This plugin imports an iPhoto or Aperture library into XBMC.  After importing,
you will see categories that correspond with their application counterparts:

* Events/Projects
* Albums
* Faces
* Places
* Keywords
* Ratings

Your photo library can reside locally (on the machine on which you run XBMC)
or can be located on a network share.

The plugin needs to know where your AlbumData.xml file is.  If you haven't
explicitly pointed iPhoto to a non-standard library location, the default of
"~/Pictures/iPhoto Library" should work fine.  Otherwise, please enter in the
correct path in the plugin's settings dialog.

Note that there is no default path if you're using Aperture.  You will need to
specify the path to the library that contains the ApertureData.xml.  Aperture
can support multiple libraries, but this plugin currently only supports one.

ALSO NOTE: Aperture will ONLY generate the required ApertureData.xml if you
have enabled "Share previews with iLife and iWork" in Preferences->Previews.

The iPhoto plugin can also be configured to ignore certain album types.
It is currently hard-coded to ignore albums of type "Book" and
"Selected Event Album," but you can choose to ignore also:

* Empty -- albums with no pictures.
* Published -- MobileMe Gallery albums.
* Flagged -- albums flagged in your photo application's interface.
* Keywords -- any photos with these keywords will be hidden.

All of these album types are ignored by default.

If you select "Auto update library", the plugin will compare the modification
time of your Library's XML file with its current database and update the
database automatically on start.  This is disabled by default, but is probably
what you want after testing the plugin.

You can also choose the view style for albums if you're using select skins.
In Confluence, you may set this to "Image Wrap" or "Pic Thumbs".
In Metropolis, you may set this to "Galary Fanart" or "Picture Grid".
In all skins, if you choose "Default," it will preserve whatever view mode you
have chosen in XBMC for each album; otherwise, it will force the view style to
the one selected here.

Referenced and Managed Libraries
iPhoto and Aperture give you the option of managing your photos for you, by
placing a copy of them within the library itself, or referencing your
originals, leaving them in their original location on the filesystem.

If your library is managed, you will select "Managed Library" in the plugin
settings (this is the default).

If your library is referenced and you are running XBMC on the same machine
that you use iPhoto or Aperture, you may also select "Managed Library".

If your library is referenced and resides on a share over the network,
you need to tell the plugin how to access the originals.  If on the
machine you use iPhoto or Aperture your originals are accessed via, for
instance, "/Volumes/Media/Pictures", they may not be mounted at the same point
on the machine on which you run XBMC.  If this is the case, you will need to
configure the "Local root path to masters" and "Rewrite root path as"

About Places support
If the plugin is configured to support the Places feature of iPhoto or
Aperture, it will parse the latitude/longitude pairs in the library and look
up the corresponding addresses using Google.

If Google reports one or more businesses near the coordinates, the plugin
will use the name of the nearest business for the address to show in the
Places category.  Otherwise, the street address will be used.  In both cases,
the post code and country identifier are appended to the result.

The Places feature can also download map images to display while you're
browsing the Places category.  Normally, you won't need to do anything to get
this feature, besides enabling it in the plugin configuration.  But, if you
import your library many times within one day, Google may block you from
retrieving map images.  If you receive a map image with a red X over it, the
plugin won't re-download the map until you clear the map image caches.  You
can do so by selecting "Remove cached maps" from the context menu of the
Places category.

If you'd like to help translate this plugin to another language, please send
a patch to jingai at floatingpenguins dot com.

If possible, patch against the most recent version at:

Known Issues
* Keywords are not supported in iPhoto 9.4 and all versions of Aperture.
* Ratings are not supported in Aperture.
* Selecting previous picture sometimes erroneously selects next instead
* Can only set default view mode in select skins

If you need help getting the plugin to work, please visit my thread on the
XBMC forums:

Or the addon website at:

When asking for help or reporting a potential bug, please be prepared to post
your debug log from XBMC and, if you don't mind, your AlbumData.xml from your
iPhoto library or ApertureData.xml from an Aperture library.  Remember to
remove any private information from all files before posting them.

For iOS platforms (AppleTV2, iPhone, iPad, etc) please read:

For Mac:

For Linux:

For Windows:

jingai (jingai at floatingpenguins dot com)
Original code:
- Anoop Menon
- Nuka1195
- JMarshal
- Firnsy
- brsev (
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