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Live Templates For React
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Live Templates for React in IntelliJ products webstorm and idea.




Trigger Content
rcc class component skeleton
rrc class component skeleton with react-redux connect
rccp class component skeleton with prop types after the class
rcfc class component skeleton that contains all the lifecycle methods
rsc stateless component skeleton
rscp stateless component with prop types skeleton
pt empty propTypes declaration
con class default constructor with props
conc class default constructor with props and context
cwm componentWillMount method
cdm componentDidMount method
cwr componentWillReceiveProps method
scu shouldComponentUpdate method
cwup componentWillUpdate method
cdup componentDidUpdate method
cwun componentWillUnmount method
ren render method
bind binds the this of method inside the constructor
hoc higher-order component
cref creates a ref.
cctx creates a context

Add all the snippets that can be used for prop types.

Trigger Content
pta PropTypes.array,
ptar PropTypes.array.isRequired,
ptb PropTypes.bool,
ptbr PropTypes.bool.isRequired,
ptf PropTypes.func,
ptfr PropTypes.func.isRequired,
ptn PropTypes.number,
ptnr PropTypes.number.isRequired,
pto PropTypes.object,
ptor PropTypes.object.isRequired,
pts PropTypes.string,
ptsr PropTypes.string.isRequired,
ptnd PropTypes.node,
ptndr PropTypes.node.isRequired,
ptel PropTypes.element,
ptelr PropTypes.element.isRequired,
pti PropTypes.instanceOf(ClassName),
ptir PropTypes.instanceOf(ClassName).isRequired,
pte PropTypes.oneOf(['News', 'Photos']),
pter PropTypes.oneOf(['News', 'Photos']).isRequired,
ptet PropTypes.oneOfType([PropTypes.string, PropTypes.number]),
ptetr PropTypes.oneOfType([PropTypes.string, PropTypes.number]).isRequired,
ptao PropTypes.arrayOf(PropTypes.number),
ptaor PropTypes.arrayOf(PropTypes.number).isRequired,
ptoo PropTypes.objectOf(PropTypes.number),
ptoor PropTypes.objectOf(PropTypes.number).isRequired,
ptsh PropTypes.shape({color: PropTypes.string, fontSize: PropTypes.number}),
ptshr PropTypes.shape({color: PropTypes.string, fontSize: PropTypes.number}).isRequired,


All hooks from official docs are supported with hook name prefix.

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