Sublime text plugin to run a chain of commands
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Chain of Command

Sublime text plugin to run a chain of commands


To run a chain of commands you run the chain window commands and pass it a list of commands to run. Each command is defined as a list where the first argument is the name of the command to run and any additional arguments will be passed directly to the command.

For example, to run the select_all command and then run the copy command you would call:


Or if you wanted to focus the first group in a window:


The point is to be able to build custom key bindings to run a sequence of commands. Lets say you wanted a key binding to duplicate the current file. You could set this key binding:

  "keys": ["super+shift+option+d"], 
  "command": "chain", 
  "args": {
    "commands": [

This would select all the text, copy it, create a new file, paste the text, then open the save file dialog.