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Jitsi-Meet Spot

This is the mono-repo for Jitsi Meet's room integration, named Spot. This project is fairly independent of jitsi-meet (the web UI codebase) but it consumes Jitsi Meet through jitsi-meet's iFrame API.

  • spot-admin/ contains a mock server for testing integration between Spot and a backend service
  • spot-client/ contains the Spot-TV and Spot-Remote codebase. This is the main application folder.
  • spot-controller/ contains the iOS and Android application for the Spot-Remote. It shows the spot-client in a webview.
  • spot-electron/ contains the desktop application for displaying a Spot-TV in an iframe. It has additional functionality on top of what the spot-client can provide.
  • spot-webdriver/ contains selenium webdriver tests for spot-client

Spot SDKs

Some of Spot's code has been created outside of the mono repo.

  • Jitsi Spot SDK for react-native applications to show the Spot controller.
  • Spot Electron SDK for other electron applications communicate with the Spot-TV webview.

Known limitations

  • Spot-TV currently supports latest Chrome only
  • Spot-Remotes are full-featured in Chrome but also supports reduced functionality in mobile browsers, Safari, and Firefox.


Contributions are definitely welcome! If reporting an issue or suggesting features, please do provide steps to reproduce and mention if the issue is consistently reproducible. If contributing a pull request, the build scripts used for development should automatically be running to ensure (one day) tests are passing and styling is in compliance.


To do a docker build, be in the root directory / Decide on the next tag name, current tags are 0.0.1, 0.0.2, etc. Then run: scripts/docker-build <TAG>

This will build and push a new image


Spot Electron uses native libraries for various platforms. For up to date build instructions of those modules see the README of the appropriate modules (e.g.