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A web frontend for integrating a google calendar with jitsi meetings. The intent is to run the frontend application within a room and leave it on.

Getting Started


The application must be built first in order to run. A pre-requisite to building is having node and npm installed; specific versions that are known to work should be listed in package.json. Another prerequisite is filling out src/config/index.js. The file is left out intentionally so people can add their own configurations. Here is a sample:

export CLIENT_ID = 'id-here';
export XMPP_CONFIG = {
    bosh: 'bosh-url',
    hosts: {
        domain: 'host-url',
        muc: 'muc-url',
        focus: 'focus-url'

The XMPP_CONFIG is what is expected by lib-jitsi-meet so please view that repository for more information.


To build the frontend, run npm install to download dependencies and npm run build-prod to build the javascript bundle. Next serve index.html from a server, such as with python -m SimpleHTTPServer.

If developing, running npm run watch-dev to build the javascript will run webpack in watch mode to automatically rebundle on changes and also enable debug features.


Contributions are definitely welcome! If reporting an issue or suggesting features, please do provide steps to reproduce and mention if the issue is consistently reproduceable. If contributing a pull request, the build scripts used for development should automatically be running to ensure (one day) tests are passing and styling is in compliance.


Currently there is no versioning as the app is in early alpha.