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Guess the title of films based on images and/or taglines.
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What The Flick?!

This project is a group project made during DigitalCrafts Bootcamp, by Paul Como, Alston Hsu, JJ Spetseris, and George Danforth. It is a game that tests your movie knowledge.


HTML, LESS, JavaScript, Postgres, Node.js, Express, HBS Framework, and Kube Framework

Our Website

Live @


This web app is a game that pulls movie posters from The user must choose the correct title of the movie, from 4 multiple options. They are allowed 3 hint clicks and gain a point for each correct answer. The game continues until the user gets a movie incorrect. The game is mobile responsive as well.

Challenges Solved

Understanding Sessions: We originally wrote our backend with many global variables. We knew this would have to change and that sessions were the solution, but we didn't have experience implementing anything but basic login credentials. For our game we felt forcing users to log in before playing was overly cumbersome. We solved this by having multiple session variables in multiple functions that can be called to reset at different points in the game. For example the player score should only reset on new games, but the array storing movie titles should reset on each question.

Working with Kube: We used Kube as our front-end framework just to try out something new. However we ran into a problem with it's default button styling. We didn't like it and it was hard to change the defaults. Instead of going back to a more familiar framework like Bootstrap, we ended up solving the problem with our own custom classes and ids.

API calls: Out team had a varied experience with API calls. Some were comfortable using older modules and call backs, but we ended up using Axios with promises. For a time we had code dependent on multiple calls firing at once. We solved this using Axios's .all and .spread prototypes. Later this got depreciated when the various API calls got moved to different routes and one other was removed with a buggy deleted feature.

Major Contributors

Paul Como
George Danforth
Alston Hsu
JJ Spetseris

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