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JKK - Vehicle Industry Research Center

Széchenyi University's Research Center

The Vehicle Industry Research Center has been working since May 2011 in Gyor, Hungary at the Szechenyi University. Understanding and researching how people and vehicles cooperate is an essential skill when designing the future of traffic. We believe that fully self-driving (a.k.a. autonomous) technology can lead to safe, easy, and sustainable transportation. We are preparing for this new technology-to-come by studying and researching its fundamentals and exploring the possibilities it offers. This process helps us gain unique knowledge on the mixed field of mechatronics, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Future transportation can be safe, easy, and sustainable without compromises.


  1. urban_road_filter urban_road_filter Public

    Real-time LIDAR-based Urban Road and Sidewalk detection for Autonomous Vehicles 🚗

    C++ 274 76

  2. wayp_plan_tools wayp_plan_tools Public

    🏎 Waypoint and planner tools for ROS 2 with minimal dependencies.

    C++ 62 5

  3. lanelet2_maps lanelet2_maps Public

    Open maps and models of the ZalaZONE automotive proving ground and the Széchenyi István University Campus (Győr)

    9 3

  4. colors colors Public

    🎨 Recommended colors for ROS / ROS2 and Rviz visualization (based on google material colors)

    C++ 4

  5. ros1ros2 ros1ros2 Public

    ROS1 ➡️ ROS2 code snippets

    10 2

  6. lexus_bringup lexus_bringup Public

    🚗 ROS 2 package for basic functions on Lexus rx450h

    Python 1


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