printf-like string formatter for Forth
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printf ( n*x c-addr u -- )

Prints n*x using the format string at c-addr u.

sprintf ( n*x c-addr1 u1 c-addr2 -- c-addr2 u3 )

Prints n*x into buffer c-addr2 using the format string at c-addr1 u. caddr-2 u3 is the resulting string.

The format string contains ordinary characters (except %), which are copied unchanged to the destination buffer, and conversion specifications. Conversion specifications have the following format:

  • Introductory % character
  • An optional - that specifies left justify
  • An optional 0 that left-pads using 0 instead of space
  • An optional decimal integer value that specifies minimum field width
  • A conversion format specifier

The following format specifiers are available:

% - %
c - character
n - signed number
u - unsigned number
dn - double-cell signed number
du - double-cell unsigned number
s - string (c-addr u)


10 s" Joe" s" %s has a %n%% discount!" printf
Joe has a 10% discount! ok
10 s" %05n" printf
00010 ok
s" spaced" s" %-10s out" printf
spaced     out ok